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The hounds at The Wild Hunt have sniffed out a strange relic from back in 2006. Apparently, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort “infiltrated” a Druid ritual put on by the Raven’s Cry Grove in Southern California.

Comfort and Cameron made a secret recording of the ritual. (which is at least unethical and likely illegal, but whatev.) They played clips of it on their adventure on the “Way of the Master” podcast, but that particular episode seems to have disappeared. Fortunately, the “satanic panic” quasi-parody site Objective Ministries saved a copy of that segment, and it’s available on their website.

“If listening to Pagan religions try to contact their deities gives you the creeps … um, Sean Hannity is on, you might want to tune in to him.”

I’m sorry, but what’s the difference? Are you telling me that Hannity isn’t offering up incense to the genius of Ronald Reagan?

Most of the problems that Cameron seems to have with the group come down to the fact that this isn’t Protestant Christianity. Words like “orthodoxy” don’t have much meaning without a power structure to enforce them. I think he’s a bit confused by the fluidity and diversity of the movement. Since his ministry is dedicated to reducing Christianity into a series of non-negotiable bullet-points, his reaction doesn’t surprise me.

At least Cameron does seem to have paid attention. Or at least, read their website. Which is what makes the whole thing so baffling.

Do you think that Druids are really a strange and secretive lot? Read their blogs.

Do you think your Johnny is dabbling in dark magic? Check his Facebook page.

Think it may be Satanism? Well, is it Theistic Satanism or Non-theistic Satanism? Perhaps you’d better read some of their faqs.

Honestly, if there was an evil occult conspiracy, it would have a blog circle, a webforum and half a dozen junior members policing its Wikipedia page.

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