Damon Thompson Out?

Damon Thompson, the “Redneck Driscoll,” seems to be have left his post at The Ramp. We’ve encountered Thompson’s homophobic rants courtesy Ashton Elijah, who has been following the man for a while now. That part of Elijah’s career is possibly over, and I suspect that he’s grateful.

No word about why Thompson is gone. At the blog of Damon Thompson Ministries, several dignitaries have left an evasive comment:

As you have probably heard by now, after 10 faithful and wonderful years ministering with the Ramp, Damon is no longer involved there, though he still loves it very much. Due to the extraordinary number of inquiries, the tremendous amount of speculation and the inevitable circulation of rumors concerning this change, we feel it is necessary to offer a few explanations.

We do this, not to cause polarization or “side-­‐choosing”—no one wants to see more of this foolishness in the Body of Christ—but simply to affirm the heart and character of Damon. He has chosen not to comment. For Damon to make a statement could necessitate him crossing ethical lines through innuendos or veiled statements. He has rightly chosen not to do this.

Thompson’s departure has apparently prompted grief among his fans at The Ramp. Elijah has the scene, a rundown of Thompson’s greatest hits and some comments on the sudden departure:


That sobbing you hear in the background? I think it’s Scott Bailey. Oh yeah, not since Todd Bentley got busted for having an affair has Scott been so broken up.

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