“Get Out!”

You may have already seen this clip at other places. This is Dennis Terry, pastor of Greenwell Springs Baptist Church, introducing Rick Santorum to his congregation.

This clip has garnered a lot of attention. It starts out with Terry declaring that America is a Christian nation and that there is only one God (“… and his name is JEee-sus!”) He follows that by telling everyone that doesn’t like all that, or that doesn’t like America or “the way we do things,” that they should GET OUT!

The church is now squirming about the clip and the attention that it’s gotten. They’ve removed that section from their Ustream archives, and their Worship Minister posted this on Facebook:

Terry would like us to believe that these comments were taken out of context. But while Right Wing Watch does clip their videos short, it’s still hard to draw anything but a negative conclusion from this little tirade.

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