Prelude of Ads to Come

Having royally screwed themselves with a drawn out primary process, the Republican party is going to be facing an uphill battle against Obama. Whoever the candidate turns out to be, they’re going to have to overcome a (mildly) improving economy and a president who faces little party opposition.

That means one thing in American politics: negative campaigning. The attacks are going to start early, and they’re only going to get worse as time goes on. Since there’s a lot of money from big donors floating around, we can expect so see a lot of big budget attack ads.

I take this Santorum ad to be a taste of what’s coming:

Please note the anviliscious jump cut from Ahmedinejad to Obama right after the narrator talks about the “sworn American enemy.” It’s at 0:41 -

Via Joe.My.God.

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  • Piet

    12.069 YouTube dislikes, and counting :)
    There is indeed hope for the US of A.

  • FO

    Often I just can’t bring myself to read the Enemy’s side of things.
    Maybe I am just scared that it would sway me, undermine my biased beliefs, maybe I just want to cover my eyes and pretend in my world of fantasy that humans are better than they are.

  • JohnMWhite

    I also clocked two implications that Obama is going to kill children. There’s the fast shot of a baby in a crib, with the framing and lighting making its very brief appearance seem more like a coffin (admittedly, that one’s a stretch, but given the swiftness of the Obamadinejad picture, I don’t think I’m reading too much into it). There’s the more clear example of the little girl playing, suddenly to be replaced with a black and white, tattered photograph of herself, showing she and perhaps children in general are going to be a thing of the past in Obamaville.

    For goodness sake, this is unreal. The Daily Show would have thought it too on the nose if they were going for satire. Santorum and all his cohorts in this campaign need to grow up. It is actually dangerous for them to be so stupid and inept. How can there be a real democracy in America when one side is campaigning in fantasy land?

  • vasaroti

    At this point in the long, drawn-out Democratic nomination process I was thinking “any of these folks would make a good President.”

    I’m not convinced Romney will have an uphill battle. He’ll have lots of Republican governors tweaking the voting laws on his behalf, large employers who can make it hard for their employees to vote, and a dozen other tricks. We really should have the Swiss come in and run our elections.

  • Bill

    This is so over the top, I have a hard time seeing it having legs with anyone outside of the already converted. He’s been in office for 4 years, and yet none of the dire predictions about his “extremism” have come true. Isn’t that alone enough to make thinking voters question this BS?

    Of course that assumes we have thinking voters….

    The “Obama’s war on religion” shtick cracks me up. The avowed Christian who has expanded Bush’s faith based initiatives is trying to repress religion? Really?

    • Paul

      “He’s been in office for 4 years, and yet none of the dire predictions about his “extremism” have come true.”

      But tahts just what the scary govmint people want you to think! sheeple…

      If all of this wasn’t actual, it would make for a hilarious year.

    • Paul

      Actually, I think that suppressing religion, especially the hard core “moral majority” crowd or their kindred jihadists would be a good thing.

  • Kodie

    This is boggling. If you showed them an ad put together in the same fashion about global warming, they don’t believe you. I probably wouldn’t see this ad if you didn’t post it here since I don’t live in a dumb-as-shit state, and they won’t even bother.

    • Itarion

      Of course not, global warming isn’t real. Obama is. He might not look like pure evil, he might not even act like pure evil. But, he’s not a WASP, which makes him evil. (WASP = White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)

      • Jabster

        Not very good at this trolling lark are you … as a hint you have to make it a bit less obvious as to what you are doing.

        • Elemenope

          Jabster, I might be wrong, but I think it’s your turn to get the ol’ sarcasm meter recalibrated.

          • Jabster

            Not sure … same sort of comment somewhere else IIRC.

            Could be wrong … even happens to me sometimes, well only once when I thought I was wrong but it turned out I was right anyway.

          • UrsaMinor

            Just as there are people who are bad at trolling, there are people who are bad at sarcasm.

            I pity them. Done right, sarcasm is a wonderful thing.

  • Holytape

    Are they implying that Obama is going to steal our babies? The empty shoe, the abandoned play ground the baby in the crib. This is troubling because as an atheist, I am worried about food security. If hidden-Muslim-fascists-black-power-anti-colonial dictators like Obama start stealing babies, what will us atheists eat? And before you know it, there will be no more baby’s blood for us to use in our satanic rituals.
    Fear and Loathing in Damascus

    • Kodie

      If everyone just has an abortion, we don’t have to listen to happy children laughing on the playground or buy adorable tiny adult shoes for them. OMG, those shoes are adorable and tiny. The repercussions for the economy and society as a whole are huge. What will become of companies who make strollers and onesies, who will the soccer coaches coach, all the party schools will go bankrupt, and your primary care physician will be older than you!

      Dinosaurs, we’re dinosaurs unless the republicans save us!

    • Itarion

      Oh, that’s a simple enough fix. Fetuses (Fetii?) count as babies for the purpose of a sacrifice. What did you THINK the abortion clinics were for?

    • Jabster

      Got bored of Ray’s novel have we?

  • Iosue

    Notice also that everyone in ‘Obamaville’ is white (except, of course, Obama).

  • trj

    “… the freedom of religion under attack.”

    Yes, I’m sure freedom of religion – and freedom from religion – would be much more secure under Santorum than under Obama.

  • RickRay1

    How’s the saying go, “Please Jeebus, save me from your followers!” Freedom of religion is under attack????? Didn’t you just declare 2012 “The Year of the Bible?” You mean rational, secular, honest to goodness logic is under attack. Christian privilege stares you in the face when you go to the Southern States. “Yu don beeleeve in God, yu felthy atheeist, you weel bern en helll. ” I think I’ll pray to the closest asteroids to come and demolish the right-wing, extreme GOP (God’s Own Party) dangerous, bigoted, anti-intellectual nut jobs that want to run America. Wow, that was one of my better, angry rants! Sorry if I scared anyone.

  • Paul

    This brings to mind two past campaign ads. First is LBJ’s anti Goldwater ad that only was shown once during the campaign where there is a countdown and images of Americans going about their daily things and ending with a mushroom cloud, the other was from 2008 where the phone rings at 3 am… who do you want answering the call.

    Obama’s team should have plenty of ammunition no matter which republican gets the nomination, as both parties love to do, the worst things revealed about a candidate are revealed in the primary. The bloodletting each time a new republican stepped forward for his 15 minutes should be marvelous fodder. I think that this is largely the reason that incumbents of either party tend to do better than the survivor of the steel cage texas death match primary system because all the blood is fresh.

    To be honest, I detest both parties. They pay lip service to the voters but they do what the folks handing out the biggest bribes, sorry, campaign contributions want and secondly what they think will win them the independent voters and the swing states. They are also more beholden to the party leaders than to their constituents. Both the W medicare drug benefit and the Obama health care reform were shaped much more by the needs of big medicine and big pharma than helping us.

  • Rechelle

    Ooooh! I wish someone would make one depicting the worst possible US with a theocrat like Santorum at the helm. All the women pregnant, with long hair and even longer skirts, while all the minorities cower in the cellars and attics and white men with bibles in one hand and guns in the other patrol the streets looking for intellectuals, scientists, and Jews to beat up.

    • Anonymous-Sam

      The problem is, to people like Santorum, you just described Paradise on Earth. Add an image of the flag waving in the sky and they’ll salute the television screen while fondling themselves.