REAL Leprechaun Sighting in Mobile, Alabama!

Today is the day we remember when the world-wide skeptical community had their skeptical worldview decimated by the 100% REAL LEPRECHAUN SIGHTING in Mobile, Alabama.

It was seen by hundreds of people — even more than saw the resurrected Jesus! If you don’t believe, just watch this video. Why would people lie?

How can you argue with a magical flute? Checkmate, aleprechaunists.

Today, the news report was “songified” by The Gregory Brothers. Watch it. Now.

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  • CoffeeJedi
  • Fentwin

    If anything I got a new band name from these videos;
    The Crackhead Leprechauns!

  • drax

    The song is brilliant! Leprechaun could be a crackhead!

  • Evan

    hahaha that “leprechaun flute” is a pin for connecting scaffolding together. I have a limited quantity of genuine leprechaun flutes available for sale, if anyone is interested. lol