The Good and the Bad

The Patheos collective continues to grow. I’m really happy to see that Libby Anne from Love, Joy and Feminism has joined in. She’s even brought a parasite along with her. Thanks, Libby. If it bursts out of your chest and starts killing off the rest of us one at a time, I’m gonna have to remove you from the blogroll.

Also adding to the agnostic/atheist wing of the collective is Greg Epstein at Good Without God. Well, maybe. In his last post he comments, “I’m exhausted and wondering how the hell bloggers do it.” One thing we do is self-indulgent administrative posts where we try to send traffic to everyone else. Hope that helps.

While it’s not an atheist/agnostic blog, we now have a group blog titled Science on Religion which looks extremely promising.

And of course, the biggest news: Bristol Palin! Yes indeed, over at Bristol’s Blog … eh, I’m sorry, my fingers will rebel if I try to type a glowing review. Star Foster decided to make a silk purse out of this: 13 Reasons I’m Glad Bristol Palin Is At Patheos.

6. The Atheists Are Ignoring Her
Which cracks me up. Not a peep out of them this week about her. They are hardly a reticent bunch, and shy and retiring aren’t among their attributes. I love that they are in their own little world far away from all us “religious nuts.”

*cough* Yeah, we’re not really venturing far out of our happy place, are we? I’ll cop to not being “shy and retiring,” but can I plead “clueless and socially inept” instead?

Plus, at the moment Palin is focusing her blog on Trig, which isn’t something to get worked up about unless you’re Andrew Sullivan.

Kind of embarrassing that I didn’t know about it until a link in the sidebar of Exploding our Cakemix sent me to Star’s post. So the atheist blogger found out about the conservative evangelical blog from a liberal Christian blog and a pagan blog. That pretty much sums up Patheos, I think.

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  • John C

    Guys, fascinating talk given late last year at MIT by Dr. Stuart Kauffman on science, philosophy, evolution, Darwin, Einstein, Newton, Kant, quantum mechanics, the mystery of the universe, etc. Thought you guys might appreciate hearing it (especially coming from moi! ha).

  • Noelle

    I can’t believe you made me click on Bristol’s blog. She seems like a harmless enough kid. And that baby brother of her’s is super-cute.

    I think we’re too nerdy to notice there’s a b-list celebrity chatting about how she wants Obama to set off her ring tone. Clueless and socially-inept has some perks.

  • Star Foster

    Yeah, it’s that kind of weirdness that makes Patheos interesting. :)

    Bristol is also using the blog to score political points. Her open letter to Obama went viral. I’m not sure I agree with her logic.

  • Libby Anne

    Thanks for the call out!

    • gringa

      That parasite blog post is spot-on. I used the exact same terminology, but also might have used “alien” at times to describe the entity that had taken over my body. I’m glad there are others willing to speak about those feelings and admit that pregnancy is not all flowers and bunnies :)