The Most Astounding Fact

This clip comes to us from Agathos / Scott Bailey in the forums:

Scott points out that the music is “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra. Quite lovely.

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  • Mahousniper

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the most charismatic and fun speakers in science. He’s this generation’s Carl Sagan and boy do we need him now more than ever.

  • John C

    SHOUT OUT! Love y’all today! (and every day and always will, no matter what!)

    Love is the ‘missing piece’ and God is, of course…LOVE! (1st Jn 4:16)

    ALL My very best to ALL !


    • Mahousniper


    • RickRay1

      Why do you people always have to invoke a non-existent, invisible, all encompassing deity when we talk about the universe! REALITY is the universe, not some anthropomorphic sky-daddy that was created by ignoramuses thousands of years ago. Keep religion & science separate and we won’t talk science in your temples of worship to a slave-wizard.

    • Raymond

      Keep ur shout outs to urself. U don’t love any of us, it is just a front u put on to feel pious.

  • Scott

    Vocals by Canadian Patrick Watson. Well worth seeing if he ever comes to your town.

    • arrakis

      The Cinematic Orchestra’s work with Fontella Bass (on the “Every Day” album) was a powerful introduction to what is now one of my favorite jazz artists.

      That someone thought to combine the Cinematic Orchestra with Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes my day infinitely better.

  • iambu

    OK, so the music was pretty, though a bit…um….mushy for me. But this video is cool as hell. Love Tyson.

  • Michael

    The best part is at 00:11 when the interviewer interrupts Niel deGrasse Tyson’s flow so Tyson just talks right over him.