Upholding the Constitution, or the Bible?

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  • Anonymous-Sam

    For that matter, isn’t swearing an oath by the Bible against the Bible? Matthew 5:33-37…

    • John C

      Let your yes be yes and your no, no…(James 5:12)

      • Nathan

        Exactly what I was thinking. Oath for office, oath to tell the truth, oath for military, oath for marriage, pledge of allegiance, etc, etc. Seems the “Christian” nation didn’t hear Jesus when he said this. Kind of like a lot of other things he said.

  • Mogg

    Yep. There are Christians out there who won’t take an oath on the Bible for that reason. When this was explained to me I was about 11 and was’t expecting to have to take any legal oaths anytime soon, so I didn’t pay that much attention to exactly what kind of bad karma you could anticipate if you did.

    • Anonymous-Sam

      Although apparently it’s just fine to swear an oath if it’s over an animal dispute (Exodus 22:10-11). :p

      • Mogg

        I’ll pull out a Bible the next time the neighbour’s cat piddles on my front door, then. It’ll be handy ammunition, and I’ve got a few spare that I’m not using anymore.

        • vasaroti

          Sounds like the cat needs to be neutered. It’d be less territorial, then.

          • Michael

            Cats should be neutered anyway.

          • Noelle

            My cat’s neutered and he pees on everything.

            • Len

              What? Wait. That was my excuse.

            • Noelle

              Spring air and sunshine got ya a little punchy this evening, Len?

  • http://larianlequella.com LarianLeQuella

    So many of our elected officials seem to have no idea what the Constitution says, let alone their bible.

    • Anonymous-Sam

      I’d say that’s true of a lot of people, sadly.

      The R.I. judge’s ruling in this case and the subsequent headlines fly in the face of all that is decent and moral about the United States and its Constitution.

      - The author of the Cranston school prayer

  • jim

    And Mathew 5:40 “And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.”
    If you guys want to quote the bible don’t be selective. Either the book is holy or it is not.

    The swearing on the Bible is worthless as demonstrated day in and day out, in court and government. The statement was made to call attention to the violation of the oaths and the promises of the Senators doing the questioning.

  • jim

    It appears that Anonymous-Sam wants a Taliban style of government here in the US Where Clerics using selected quotes from the Bible coupled with the force of government to achieve Christian religious compliance. That government model was what in force since the time of the Roman Empire until the reformers, most notably until Roger Williams established Rhode Island.

    • Sunny Day

      Anonymous-Same wants a Taliban style govt?

      Conclusions, you should stop jumping to them.