Crock-o-Duck Strikes Back

The banana was amusing. It was easy to refute and easy to skewer.

Crock-o-duck is annoying. Every time I run into it, I realize that we’re going to have to start from the very beginning and dispel all the common misunderstandings about evolution before proceeding. It’s fractally wrong.

This is from Way of the Master: Prague, part of the dynamic duo’s trek through Europe spreading the good news of crock-o-duck. Sorry, Europe, but religious ignorance seems to be the only thing that America can export these days.

Via American Jesus.

(Note: Do we really need separate “Oh the Stupidity!” and “Ray Comfort Mania” tags? Isn’t the second just a sub-category of the first?)

  • Len

    For a while there I was really hoping the crockoduck was real.

    • Skwerl

      I was hoping the same thing.

    • RickRay1

      Hey, check out his real cousin, the platypus, who lives in Australia!

  • TrickQuestion

    So is this video serious, or a parody? have they finally realized that they are in fact ridiculous and are now just proving it?

    • Jabster

      I think it’s just the same strategy as the whole banana man episode – realise that you’ve done something which demonstrates your utter stupidity and later try and pretend that it was a joke.

      Ray’s minions just lap it up as they do for when people point out his many lies and large income along with his family.

  • 5UpMushroom

    I think the real question is… When is Kirk going to grow his big boy Christian mustache?

  • Fentwin

    Crocoduck this, and crocoduck that. Its always about the crocoduck.

    No one ever thinks about the poor porcu-potomus.

    • Custador

      Or the kangorillapig.

      • Fentwin

        Now, thats just an outright scary conglomeration. :P

        • Mogg

          Distant relative of the manbearpig?

          Incidentally, what the heck has happened to Patheos? The interface has suddenly become horrible looking and difficult to get around.

          • Len

            Patheos? I think it’s suffering from intelligent design.

          • UrsaMinor

            The blog side is looking pretty ugly, isn’t it? The forums seem untouched as of yet.

            • Len

              And the blog side lost a comment of mine from this morning (it was previously in the list of recent comments). Pity – it was the one where I proved the existence of god beyond any shadow of doubt.

            • Bill

              It really looks terrible.


          • Kodie

            It’s obnoxious. Gone downhill fast.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    It has the head of some sort of amphibian
    Crocodile = amphibian? Teh stupid.

    Now of course evolution doesn’t claim that the crocoduck ever existed, but if evolutionists can make up imaginary missing links, why can’t we?
    Because it’s a strawman fallacy, you dim bulb.

  • Rayceeya

    It’s gotten really hard to tell the difference between actual creationist media and parody of creationist media.

    They had me going for a sec.

    Maybe they wouldn’t be so bad at this if scientists hadn’t used science to invent all the media technology (lenses, cameras, television, computers) that they have to use to produce this.

    But then we’d all still be living in the middle ages, wouldn’t we?

  • SkeletalDropkick

    But there is a crock-o-duck, it just doesn’t have the teeth and we call it a platypus….

    • mogg

      Wouldn’t that be a beaversnakeaduck?

      • UrsaMinor

        I think platypi are just beaverducks. Where’s the snake part? Or is that a question that I don’t want to ask?

        • Mogg

          Poisonous spurs. For the males, anyway.

          • Revyloution

            Ya, wtf? When I went to Australia, everything was poisonous! Even the cute little platypus.

            Of all the animals I’ve seen on TV, the platypus was the most shocking. The poison was part of it was a surprise, but even more so was their size. Seeing them on TV with a beaver tail and a duck bill makes me think of an animal that is roughly beaver/duck sized. I was amazed to see them in the wild at barely over 40cm.

            • UrsaMinor

              OK, maybe we should call them ‘venomous microbeaversnakeaducks’.

            • Len

              @Ursa: Australians would probably say that’s a crock name for a duck. So we’re pretty much back to crockoduck.

            • Mogg

              Len, that’s a total crock! ;-)

            • Darwin

              “Why the platypus? Not why is it anything, just why is it?”

  • Paul

    It was a funny video but again we are letting the moonbats have free advertising. We already subsidize religion by making it tax free, I think we need a better strategy than answering the crazies. The civil rights movement didn’t win by making fun of the guys in white sheets – yet another christian sect – but by using media, courts and actions to change the laws and to change the conversation. Nobody argues nowadays (at least not often) that blacks are not humans.

    But go back three Presidents and we had one who stated clearly that atheists shouldn’t be considered Americans. We haven’t had true challenges to religious intrusions in the US since Madeline Murray Ohare. Yes, we have fought over evolution in school science classes, but we have not addressed the stranglehold upon the public that religion holds in the US today.

    Why should a huge business like the Catholic Church with its history and its current problems with pedophilia be allowed tax exempt status? I know this is off topic for the feature tonight but I think we need to begin focusing on the important things and not on the silly stuff.

  • 100meters

    Chimpzilla. Just sayin’.

  • Brian K


    Sorry to be contrarian here, but your plaintiff cry, while true, needs to be expanded. Why should we insist on funnelling even more money to an institution (the United States Government) with such a history of ongoing crimes? Because that’s what “raising taxes” means. Just like you doubt the Catholic Church can be fundamentally reformed, I would say far worse about the prospects of reforming the U.S. Government.

    • UrsaMinor

      Pedantry students take note: you can’t have a history of ongoing crimes.

    • Bill


      You and I are starting to do the same dance over and over, but given that you admit to having no solution to the problems of our government, I’m at a loss as to why we should listen to you. Basically your rallying cry is: “The U.S. government is terrible. Guilty of war crimes. Not worthy of our tax money. But even voting, legal action or revolution won’t fix it so….” What?

      What exactly is the point of this? At least advocate something crazy to fix shit. Like armed rebellion or voting for Ron Paul.

  • Schaden Freud

    It’s a crock o’ something, but I don’t think it’s duck.