Easy as Ezekiel, Revelation and Daniel

The last time I got cornered and witnessed to, I got a lecture on how the Bible should be taken literally and at face value. The person insisted that “no one needs a scholar to tell them what the Bible means!” (This would have been more convincing if he’d been reading from Greek manuscripts instead of a translation produced by a whole room full of scholars.)

Yet, when left with a Bible for a suitable length of time, the same people will produce timelines like the following:

As folks like Fred Clark will tell you, there’s no quick and easy explanation of the Rapture in the Biblical text. You have to take pinch of Daniel and a soupçon of Ezekiel and fold it into the Revelation of St. John. Is this really “face value”? Can we call this “literal” in any meaning of the word?

(Image via Christian Nightmares)

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