The Height of Creationist Absurdity

Scott Bailey found this breakdown of some Hovind-esque creation science from Dr. Richard Kent. The bulk of the video is background provided by the creator, dprjones, but the point of the video is really at the 3:00 mark, when Dr. Kent unleashes the dumbest hypothesis to ever come out of the mouth of a pseudo-scholarly creationist:

I’ve never understood why men like Kent and Hovind, who are at the extreme end of the creationist insanity spectrum, seem to want to prove that dragons existed. Bad enough that Hovind wants us to believe that the T-Rex breathed fire, but now Kent wants us to believe that the dinosaurs had flaming noses.

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  • Francesco

    This is only an incentive to clone them as soon as possible :D

  • Len

    … dinosaurs had flaming noses.

    Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?

  • vasaroti

    I’ll just refer you to all the industrial advisories about the fire hazards of oxygen-enriched atmospheres.

    There was, of course, a period in Earth’s history when the atmosphere had more oxygen, allowing insects to grow to mammoth sizes. How come those creationist dioramas never show Meganeuropsis permiana picking fruit for Adam? If you really want to get into this, there’s a paper entitled Permian and Triassic wildfires and atmospheric oxygen levels.

  • trj

    Unlike so many other bogus claims from creationists this one should actually be verifiable. Calculate or measure the temperature increase caused by friction as a certain volume of air passes through a hole (two holes) of a certain size with a certain surface.

    But obviously this is just another example of a creationist pulling stuff out of his ass. It’d be naïve to expect him to have any interest in backing up anything he says.

    “Flaming idiot” would probably be a fitting description for this guy.

    • Ben

      Calculate or measure the temperature increase caused by friction as a certain volume of air passes through a hole…

      But obviously this is just another example of a creationist pulling stuff out of his ass.

      Well, there’s the source of your temperature increase!

      • Len

        Global warming.

      • Igor

        Sounds like the definition of flatulence…and we’ve come full circle!

  • John C

    G’morning UF! (its morning in my part of the world anyway :)

  • Sue Blue

    I wonder when they’re going to attempt to demonstrate how an ancient snake had a larynx, tongue, and Wernicke’s/Broca’s areas in its brain so it could have talked to Eve.

    • Barry Johnstone.

      And even worse, Eve BELIEVED this snake! Personally, I reckon the snake was telling porky’s, but ya never know!

  • Everett

    So, if I understand correctly, dragons became extinct because every time they attempted to reproduce they would start breathing hard and they incinerated their mate!!!

  • RickRay1

    How about my “Dragon in the Garage” , as Carl Sagan would put it!

  • Schaden Freud

    I’m impressed. This is a lot of stupid, even for Hovind. He’s definitely upping his game.

  • kennypo65

    Creationism isn’t faith, it is willful ignorance. It is simply rejecting reality. Creationists haven’t evolved, they are still feces throwing primates, but they throw metaphoric feces instead of real ones.


    And evolution is “just a theory.”

  • Erwin L Sanders

    It is my belief that creationists, at least ultra-creationists, are about to become extinct. And they know it. With science and technology continuing to expand and evolve, and these fields becoming more advanced, the more we are learning. The more pieces of the puzzle we are putting together, the bigger picture we are seeing. These ultra-creationists are becoming desperate, and are fighting for there own survival. But they will not survive. They are blind to logic and rationality, and will soon be become like the dinosaurs.

  • Barry Johnstone.

    Everbody knows that we’re about to have another rapture – only this time it’s a REVERSE rapture, and all the fundies go DOWN into the centre of the earth to burn burn burn burn burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!