Christianity in a Meme

This might actually be the most succinct description of BibleGod that I’ve ever seen.

Where the Fire Comes From
Romance at Mars Hill
You Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down
Bob Cargill on the Holy Grail
  • busterggi

    Now that is a portable bible.

  • Fentwin

    And what is your everlasting reward for proper worship?

    Spending eternity having to tell an omni-everything being what a super duper good guy he is, and gosh darn it aren’t we all lucky to be able to do that…for ever and ever, and ever, and………….

  • mikespeir

    I think I would’ve put it, “Let me save you from what I’m going to do to you if you don’t let me save you.”

    • JK

      +1 ^^

  • Sue Blue

    Love it! Since seeing this here, I’ve already used it in a discussion with a theist. Haven’t heard from him since.

    • thread_of_fire

      I hate when that happens. Well, mostly I just wish I knew if the person was learning. It happens with other subjects too, not just religion.

  • Montague

    Actually, if you read some really Christian Lit. like Dante or Boethius or Augustine, or even the Bible, you will find that the actual point is that if you don’t worship God you’ll go exactly where you want to be. It is merely a little fact of “No Exit” (though it came much earlier than that) that hell is people, especially you. Even God would be a hell if you hated him. As C S Lewis points out “Hell is what happens when God says ‘your will be done.’” So… Maybe you should try going against people who aren’t idiots. As in “YOU CAN’T REFUTE SOME IDIOT FUNDAMENTALIST BUFFOON AND THINK YOU’VE REFUTED AQUINAS!!!”

    • trj

      You mean the Aquinas who argued that non-believers should be put to death? That doesn’t fit very well with your “if you don’t worship God you’ll go exactly where you want to be”.