How Not to Change the Scientific Consensus

A group conservative/libertarian group called the Heartland Institute posted this billboard in Chicago:

The billboard has been taken down. The CEO of Heartland explains: “The Heartland Institute knew this was a risk when deciding to test it, but decided it was a necessary price to make an emotional appeal to people who otherwise aren’t following the climate change debate.”

Emotional appeal. Because that’s exactly the way to help people make an informed decision on a factual matter.

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  • Grung_e_Gene

    They had also planned to put up other ones with Charles Manson and Osama Bin Laden.

  • Carla

    This is so absurd I had to read the article to figure out what connection I was supposed to be making… What does the unibomber have to do with global warming, anyways? I mean… it’s just… my mind is officially blown.

    • UrsaMinor

      The emotional logic of the billboard is impeccable.

      Because, like, the unibomber is delusional, see? And he hates America. If he loved America, he wouldn’t believe in global warming, would he? But he does, so good upright citizens have a duty to reject it as a hoax because he wants to destroy America. But they should also reject it because anything the unibomber believes in must be false. And bad. Because he’s delusional and hates America. If you believe in global warming, that means you are like the unibomber and hate America. And are delusional. Q.E.D.

      • trj

        I bet Hitler believed in global warming, back before it became mainstream.

        • UrsaMinor

          Yup. He also believed in the possibility of controlled nuclear fusion, so it must be that the entire contemporary nuclear power industry is a hoax. Because when people you don’t like believe in something, it must not be true.

          • UrsaMinor

            Fission, I meant. But the principle stands. :)

        • vasaroti

          My favorite wacky Hitler project was Atlantropa, a dam across the Strait of Gibraltar.

    • Reginald Selkirk

      It’s spelled Unabomber.

  • Rayceeya

    Does this mean we can use Timothy McVeigh’s image the same way to promote gun control?

  • Kira

    Anders Behring Breivik , Eric Rudolph, Scott Roeder and Sean Harris still believe in God. Do you?

  • Bill

    It took me a minute to figure out the point to this stupidity. I think this sign is missing some quotation marks.

    Also, does this mean that we should reject anything a murdering psycohpath believes? Because I’m pretty sure the god theory falls away pretty quickly by that standard.

    • UrsaMinor

      There you go insisting on consistency again. Shush!

      • Bill

        I’m weird that way.

  • Brian K

    Well…a lot of the Unabomber’s philosophy (and actions) were indeed based on “Deep Ecology” and anarchoprimitivism. So…there is a link to “environmentalism” in the sense that the man took a rational philosophy to an insane extreme. Which can be a problem for any belief system.

  • erik

    What debate?