If you think God approves of this…

Being Agent Scully
Thanks God…
Romance at Mars Hill
No Place to Go
  • Sue Blue

    Amen. A-fuckin’-men.

  • Tobias

    I laughed out loud – twice – Thanks

  • mikespeir

    But…but you just don’t understand!

  • Brian K

    This is a common atheist meme that may be unfair. None of us (I am willing to bet) typing on computers with electricity and all that live totally ascetic lives. (Live Simply So that Others May Simply Live???) We all contribute to an economic system that exacerbates problems of starvation and maldistribution.

    But…even so…without capitalism or urban society, people would still suffer starvation and privation. Probably not as much or on as large a scale, but even hunting and gathering tribes have starvation periods.

    I am not sure the causation implied in this poster is all that clear. Does RELIGION cause starvation and want? HIERARCHY certainly contributes to starvation and want, but there are other kinds of hierarchy, and these other kinds of hierarchy often cloak themselves in religion but it is not religion alone that CAUSES such suffering. (Not denying religion can play a role…a big role, but it is not that simple.)

    Plus…Better a beautiful church than an immense military empire with 700 bases nad facilities, secret torture prisons, and a pious, hectoring “leader” chortling about drone missiles killing his daughters’ unsuitable paramours or blowing off prisoners stripped naked and effectively tortured ’cause he’s a QUEER TRAITOR HAR DE HAR.

    And…this comes from someone who hates religion. LOL

    • Kodie

      This is a common atheist meme that may be unfair. None of us (I am willing to bet) typing on computers with electricity and all that live totally ascetic lives. (Live Simply So that Others May Simply Live???) We all contribute to an economic system that exacerbates problems of starvation and maldistribution.

      It’s the cognitive dissonance. I may realize horrific conditions in other parts of the world and do nothing about it, or contribute to a system which, apparently, causes it. Many people can ignore things that are unpleasant and far enough away to seem like “someone else’s” problem – well, that someone else is god. Giving money to your church to build a better building in which to glorify this god is total horseshit. Or that someone else is not god, in which, you could still choose to ignore the problems, but you don’t have a pretend omnipotent deity who is impressed with bling. Take it as proof there’s no god or a very ugly one who doesn’t deserve glory.

    • drax

      It doesn’t imply that religion causes poverty at all. What it is saying is, if you think god would rather have you spend exhorbitant amounts of money on extravagant buildings rather than helping people who are struggling to survive then you have lost your mind. In other words, religion could easily put its money where its mouth is and direct their resources and efforts almost entirely to helping stop what is going on in the pics on the bottom half of the poster.

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      I think you are misinterpreting the message of the image a bit. It’s not arguing that religion causes starvation, or that anybody who has a netbook and a lightbulb is a terrible person for not selling them to feed orphans. The point is that a religion ostensibly based on worshiping a guy that specifically said his followers should give away their possessions, feed and clothe the poor and shun worldly goods if they wanted to get into heaven are kind of taking the piss when they build mega churches instead. Sure, they have the right to build somewhere to have their meetings, but it doesn’t have to be 500 feet high and covered in gold plating.

      Also, the immense military empire with secret torture prisons and a pious, hectoring leader having people killed out of spite isn’t exactly a new concept for the people building these beautiful churches. Ok, I suppose the torture prisons were not so secret until the 20th century, then they just called them schools.

    • http://www.agnostic-library.com/ma/ PsiCop

      Re: “I am not sure the causation implied in this poster is all that clear. Does RELIGION cause starvation and want?”

      As far as I can see, that’s not the message conveyed in this poster. It’s not saying religion causes these things. What I get from it is that religion spends gobs of money on ostentatious displays, which could have been used to ameliorate those conditions. People worship a god who … they say … is compassionate and loving. But rather than spend their money being compassionate and loving toward others, they construct massive edifices that serve no useful purpose to anyone, anywhere.

      As for massive military empires, I’m not sure how that relates, here. One way to stretch the topic to include them, would be to point out that any massive military empires that exist, had to have been constructed largely by believers in the aforementioned compassionate and loving deity, which again is contradictory.

  • Brian K

    Fair enough, guys. I can accept your interpretation as well. Good arguments, all.

    I guess the biggest argument is the hypocrisy of it all. A profligate king is not shy about celebrating his glory through the taxation used to build his castles and pleasure gardens. God or the Church should probably not be so profligate.

    I am skeptical, though, that even if you took every penny used to0 build the cathedrals (for example) the lot of the peasants would improve significantly But maybe the improvement would be significant enough to make a difference.

  • Bill

    I don’t know about this one. The god of the bible seemed pretty ok with large groups of people dying in all kinds of awful ways. I’m not sure that god really cares all that much about starvation and hunger.

    Also – if he did – I assume he could use his super magic god powers to just wipe out hunger.

    • trj

      God has personally created plenty of mass starvations, according to the Bible. So apparently he doesn’t have much of a problem with it.

    • Noelle

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • vasaroti

    Fairly often I hear people carping about how much gold the Vatican has, and how it all should be melted down, etc. Well, they probably do have a lot, but it is either just leaf or it is in the form of irreplaceable art. When the Catholic church finally does fall apart at the seams, I hope Italy the UN and other institutions are in a position to preserve the architecture and other treasures instead of having them looted and disappearing into private collections. I felt a little sick when I visited Hearst Castle and saw all the architectural elements that been yanked out of Medieval and Renaissance buildings.

    • vasaroti

      I should add that the Catholic church still has a lot of investments that could be sold off for the benefit of the poor before we got around to the treasures.

  • http://www.libero.it cludgie

    You haven’t seen corporate riches until you’ve lived within Mormonism and gotten to see the man behind the curtain. I doubt that Roman Catholicism comes close to the cynicism of Mormon riches. The LDS church is obsessed with real estate investment and development, and is a business corporation masquerading as a church.

  • mb

    This kind of thing drives me nuts. What this seems to suggest is that god is good and, therefore, that god is real. Since god is not real, his/her/its character is open for, I guess, discussion — or assertion or whatever you fancy — and is irrelevant to the question of whether there is a god or not. I do not think going to war with theists over the character of god is particularly productive. It’s their fantasy, who are we atheists to argue the finer points of the imaginary actions of their god?

    • Kodie

      Why let them feel good about a bad thing? You say it is their fantasy, let them have it and never call them out, who are you to say we shouldn’t? Who are you really, and why does this bother you so much when atheists point it out?

  • http://www.agnostic-library.com/ma/ PsiCop

    I should like to point out that, ostensibly, the Abrahamic god actually approves of suffering, death, slaughter, etc. A good deal of his Old Testament is a sequence of tales of misery and violence. So his believers spending their money on monuments rather than on people, would seem to make some sense. According to the OT, he himself wiped out entire armies, even nations, and tortured people on whim.

    Also … most Abrahamic believers think that there is some sort of “divine purpose” behind the plagues, pestilences, disasters, famines, etc. Who are they to try to get rid of something their god wants to happen? Better to show him how devout and faithful they are to him, by building huge monuments in his name.

  • Harley Bai

    How the fuck can you Christians argue this shit? These are innocent children in Africa being starved. Just because I am atheist doesn’t mean I don’t understand the bible. This is totally and complete bull shit! You people really have nothing to argue. Doesn’t the bible say help the needy and the poor. Become like your Jesus. Well if your Jesus was here, do you really think that he would put himself before others? Especially the Mormons, I hate Mormons they are the worse, just a cult, forcing people to conform to their society to behave! All Christianity is a business, wake up people and smell the coffee!

    • Custador

      Has this guy utterly failed to grasp the point of the blog, or am I mistaken?

      • Sunny Day

        I think he’s yelling at the Theists that presumably visit this site.

  • http://metronome-themiddleroad.blogspot.com/ Montague

    Because it’s the Atheists who built innumerable hospitals and churches. Because those who hate God love their fellow man. Because the Atheists send missionaries to the Africa and Asia to provide wells, agriculture, medical care. Because only Christians mass-murder people. Because God is the hero of capitalism and football. Because you are an idiot who should go read history, or at least the present.

    • Sunny Day

      Cant tell if you’re a Poe, Serious, or Sarcastic.

      You might want to work on that.