Secret Atheist Handshake

James McGrath has finished his trip to the holy land, and now he’s back with us in the … erm, unholy land? profane land? how does that work exactly?

Anyway, someone over there must have let slip some of our dark kabbalistic secrets, because now hew’s teaching Jim West how to recognize the secret atheist handshake.

No, wait, it’s Mike Stanfill at The Far Left Side that’s telling our secrets now. Man, what kind of clandestine operative puts his name on the secret documents? We have got to find ourselves a better class of enemies.

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  • UrsaMinor

    Is it cheating to use a joy buzzer?

    • Elemenope

      The agnostic crutch!

  • Len

    This is all described – with links to videos, etc – in the secret atheist newsletter. I guess you all get that too, right?

    • Kodie

      I must have let my subscription lapse, ’cause I was still doing the double air-kiss hand-hug.

  • mikespeir

    I must not be a real atheist.

  • surfinbird

    I just hope they don’t find out our secret door knock too…

  • RQC

    Now we know how to identify you people and feed you to lions… oops, wrong group.

    • Azel

      When we don’t know if we are alone, we of course use the Standard Christian Handshake™ And feeding us to lions is insulting for antelopes: now they can’t do their God-given job of nourishing lions because said lions are full of human meat.

  • RQC

    When you say “Christian Handshake” your of course talking about making a halo gesture over the head and a high 5 right?

    … me and my big mouth …

  • ashley alderman

    A secret no more! muahaha!