The Top of the Sears Tower

According to the most reliable newspaper in the world, this plaque is on the top of the Sears Tower:

Invisible Watermelon
Hallquist on Eich
Evidence Against Evolution
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
  • Kodie

    My favorite part of this one is that it’s a screenshot and not a link to the source. I can see the link but I can’t click the link! Awesome.

  • Julie42

    Here’s the video:,28128/

    “…as an attempt to let the supreme creator know that if he’s got a problem, he can either stay up in heaven like a little bitch, or settle things once and for all by nutting up and coming down to Earth.”

    It’s true. They really do let people stand at the top and scream at God. Very long lines…
    Can this be used as final proof that God does not exist, since he’s refused to take this bait?

  • FO

    He already used some terrorists to bust the Twin Towers.
    Pre-emptive Act of God!!

  • Kodie

    This may explain.

  • Pedro Lemos

    Coming to think of it, calling god a motherfucker can´t be considered swearing, since he actually fucked his mother.
    Wich then, naturally, gave birth to him.
    A little before he sacrificed himself to himself.