When’s the Next Rapture?

Gotta love Ricky Gervais:

All Cycles Come to an End
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  • UrsaMinor

    The next scheduled end of the world is less than two weeks away. May 27, according to Ronald Weinland, head of COG-PKG (the Church of God, Preparing For the Kingdom of God).

    I can’t agree with Ricky Gervais. We’ve had so many ends of the world in the past five years, I’m just about apocalypsed out.

    • Brian Westley


  • http://notsosecretsecretblog.blogspot.com/ abeille

    So other than the May 27th and the Dec 21st ones, anyone know of any others?

    • UrsaMinor

      I got nuthin’. But give it a week or two, and another doomsday prophecy is bound to crop up.

    • http://theotherweirdo.wordpress.com The Other Weirdo

      There’s one scheduled for June 30th, 2012, predicted by Growing in Grace International.

      • drax

        Hmmm…. I thought the protocol was to allow the next scheduled apocalypse to pass before announcing the one after. However I do think that rule only applies within a general religion such as christianity. This is why it’s perfectly ok to have the apocalypse scheduled for both May 27th (christian) and December 21st (Mayan). Growing in Grace is exhibiting poor apocalyptic ettiquette.

        • Kodie

          I’m having a hard time with anyone giving the Mayan calendar any attention. It is sort of related to something I responded to on FA yesterday – people like to think babies have some kind of innate wisdom that they lose (I haven’t heard as much lately, but it is similar to anthropomorphizing, say, a dog, except babies are actually people), and similarly, that in ancient times, people had greater knowledge that we now have no access to. Why do people think Mayans know what the fuck they’re talking about? Never mind these crackpot preachers, what for do people think the Mayans had any keener sense than you or I could predict the end of the world right now?

          • Darwin

            Exactly. Even though everything else they built crumbled into the jungle, if they made a calendar they must be magical.

          • UrsaMinor

            Ancient wisdom, yada yada yada.

            It’s curious, though. There is only one extant mention of the date in Mayan records, and it isn’t portrayed as the end of the world. Notably, there’s at least one other reference to a date in the 58th century C.E. , which strongly implies that they expected the world to continue beyond the 21st century. So where this “Mayan doomsday” prophecy came from, I haven’t a clue.

            • Len
            • http://theotherweirdo.wordpress.com The Other Weirdo

              Conspiracy theorists. New Age wackos. Bored spiritual-but-not-religious teenagers. Lonely housewives. Take your pick.

            • trj

              You assume the believers can actually be bothered to examine the facts surrounding the myth. They won’t, because they either want the myth to be true or they’re simply too lazy to be skeptical. Besides, entertaining stories sell better than fact-checked ones. This myth appeals and it sells, and that’s why it has become popular. To hell with the facts.

            • Yoav

              Giorgio and his fallow “ancient astronaut theorists*”
              *when used in this context, the word theorist should be pronounced whackjob.

          • dmantis

            I don’t see the trend when it extends to technical knowledge. Most seem to disregard that there is ample evidence for ancient societies possessing knowledge that far exceeds what experts thought should be proper at the time. The Roman’s built the Pantheon with knowledge of concrete (non-reinforced!) that took another 1200 years to be rivaled in scale (Florence’s Duomo). Ancient Indonesian’s were navigating to specific islands centuries before the Vikings, etc, etc.

            So why the fuck do people only give credit to the bullshit mystical/religious shit?

          • Reginald Selkirk

            Why do people think Mayans know what the fuck they’re talking about?
            The Maya didn’t predict doomsday, so they’re not even talking about it.
            So their calendar rolls over. That’s like worrying that the world will end on Dec. 31, because that’s when your calendar ends.

      • T

        Is that the 666 guy who is supposed to be Jesus?

  • mikespeir

    I’ve missed them all. Dang.

  • Robster

    For a couple of hundred thousand of us, today is the end of the world. It’s called death.

    • Kodie

      The world didn’t end, either, did it?

      • Reginald Selkirk

        Not for me.

  • http://WhoHasTimeForThis.com David Cowan

    For me, the last episode of House is when it all ends.

    It’s funny that Mormon.org sponsors this site.