Who Do You Root For?

Fred Phelps vs. Nickleback:

Frankly, I see this as a win-win situation.

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  • Dutchhobbit

    Can I root for none of them? Seems to me that Nickelback is the last band that they should protest. But I think they don’t have the balls to go to a black metal concert and protest there.

    • Schaden Freud

      I’d pay good money to see black metal fans vs WBC. But I think you’re right; they don’t have the balls.

      • FO

        Oh man, that would be EPIC! ^_^

      • Custador

        What, as opposed to picketing funerals where there are lots of pissed-off, grieving, combat veterans? Most metal-heads are actually scary-looking pacifists, in my experience. As opposed to soldiers, who generally cannot be said to be averse to a fight. The truth is, WBC chooses its pickets based on what’s most likely to get a reaction that they can litigate. They exist in order to sue people. Fred Phelps is a lawyer, and so are a significant number of his children and grandchildren. Have you seen the houses they all live in? Watch the Lois Theroux documentary sometime – They’re not funding that compound of theirs solely out of pay cheques.

        • Dutchhobbit

          Black metal is a lot more satanic than Nickelback, seeing that a lot of these bands are satanic literally. If they were really worried about the music industry, they would go picket the ones that are openly satanic. Also, don’t forget the church burnings of Norway a while back.

          • FO

            Duh, are you assuming that they are honest or coherent?

            • Dutchhobbit

              That would be a big flaw in my wish

  • Mahousniper

    I don’t understand the constant, unadulterated hate that’s constantly directed towards Nickelback. They’re not a bad band. They’re not amazing and are more than a little generic, but they’re not terrible or excessively offensive or anything. I actually like them. The fact that they’re incredibly rich and famous means that I’m clearly not the only person who feels this way. So why does everyone act like they’re ICP mixed with Rebecca Black?

    • Custador

      Honestly? Nickelback are a terrible attempt to rip-off Pearl Jam. They’re noise pollution at best.

      • Kodie

        Oh, is that what they sound like? I didn’t like Pearl Jam then, and I never listened to this “Nickelback.” What the shit, I’m old and I don’t listen to the radio. I can’t even name 5 songs by Pearl Jam, and they’re all horrible to me!

    • zach

      LOL dude, I agree with you, honestly. It’s not that they’re particularly good but they don’t deserve being hated so much. It’s just really produced pop hardrock. Also, their songs are pretty catchy which, as someone who spends enormous amounts of time trying to write catchy music, I have a lot of respect for.

      For me it’s a little like listening to Kate Perry or Miley Cyrus for instance. Say what ya want, the people who write their music are really good at the craft and the songs are damned well produced. I don’t know how much Nickleback does themselves and how much is part of the production process, but good pop is hard to make so nobody can hate on their music THAT much.

      And everyone rips off of everyone else for the most part. There are hundreds of thousands of bands trying to get somewhere with their music. Originality is kind of a difficult thing to achieve.

    • FO

      Same for me.
      Cannot really understand all the flak Nickelback take.
      They made a few good songs… Nothing special or soulshaking but at least decent.
      On the other hand, I could never stand Pearl Jam.

      And yes, I have to agree with Zach: everyone rips off from everyone.
      It’s how culture evolves.

  • http://www.NoYourGod.com NoYourGod

    I root for Nickelback fans. Fans going to concerts may not be as restrained as others when confronting WBC – I hope they manage to not get arrested.

    Better yet, I hope some of them carry signs saying “Your god is a false god” just to see how the WBC bozos react.

  • Rayceeya

    Maybe the whole block will be wiped out by a meteor impact. Thus eliminating WBC, Nickleback and all their fans.

  • 100meters

    Why bother to schedule a protest for June 5th?
    Didn’t that religious doofus, Whatshisname, predict that the world would end today?
    I kinda need to know…don’t want to bother marinating this rack of ribs if it’s all for nothing, ya know?

    • UrsaMinor

      Go ahead and marinate those ribs. Yesterday’s apocalypse was canceled because it’s a holiday weekend in the U.S. and too many people were sleeping in and would have missed it. Even Yahweh must make concessions to reality sometimes.

  • Ben Porter

    i dont want to have to take niklebacks side. I am moving to canada cya americans lata your screwed

    • Custador

      Whatever happened to Spelling Bees? You just don’t see them anymore.

      • Noelle

        The last spelling bee I saw was all home-schooled kids.

    • mh_mini

      Nickleback is Canadian…..

    • vasaroti

      Ohai, r u ginger, tabby, or basement cat?

  • Kevin

    I was at the Van Halen show this past Tuesday at Sprint. WBC was there doing their normal thing. They were being completely ignored when I past by them. I think most in this area are so used to seeing them it is almost just background noise. Kind of like the Mormon ads on this site.

  • FO

    The only answer is “don’t feed the trolls”.
    Or maybe yell from the stage that if WBC is after you, you must have done something right.
    It should be some badge of honor or something.
    WBC never went at a Marylin Manson concert.
    If I were him I’d feel offended.

  • Rich Wilson

    Ozzy used to tell a story that he once made a happy face sign and got in line in a protest at one of his concerts. None of the Christian protesters noticed, despite his many tattoos.

  • Bodhisvaha

    At first I was trying to find an Onion logo somewhere on the document. Then, I resigned myself to the biggest cultural gimp-fight ever.