Catholic Crystal Cathedral

If you’ve been following the downfall of Robert H. Schuller and his Crystal Cathedral, you’re already aware that the organization has been unable to pay its debts and has sold the Garden Grove campus to the Catholic Diocese of Orange. Now the Christian Post reports that this sale has dredged up some anti-Catholic sentiment among at least one of the parishioners:

A congregant of the Crystal Cathedral has filed a claim in bankruptcy court, seeking $5.6 million from the California megachurch founder Robert H. Schuller and $30 billion from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, alleging the sale of the church campus violated his religious and civil rights.

David E. Phillippe, a longtime member whose wife is buried at the church’s cemetery, is also seeking $50,000 for two cemetery sites, according to The Orange County Register.

Phillippe alleged the board of directors “acted at Schuller’s bidding” and mismanaged the ministry’s money causing the bankruptcy. The resultant sale of the Garden Grove campus to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has “permanently desecrated” the campus, he argued.

Desecrated? Oh dear. And it gets worse, “The member added that the transfer of the property in February “defamed, polluted, cursed with moral, ethical cultural, criminal, spiritual and religious indignity” the church, its buildings and “the consecrated grounds” of the cemetery.”

Well, as long as you’re being reasonable about this …

I’m torn between the schadenfreude that comes from seeing the fall of a televangelist and the repugnance of seeing the buried anti-catholic anger come to light.

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