Catholic Crystal Cathedral

If you’ve been following the downfall of Robert H. Schuller and his Crystal Cathedral, you’re already aware that the organization has been unable to pay its debts and has sold the Garden Grove campus to the Catholic Diocese of Orange. Now the Christian Post reports that this sale has dredged up some anti-Catholic sentiment among at least one of the parishioners:

A congregant of the Crystal Cathedral has filed a claim in bankruptcy court, seeking $5.6 million from the California megachurch founder Robert H. Schuller and $30 billion from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, alleging the sale of the church campus violated his religious and civil rights.

David E. Phillippe, a longtime member whose wife is buried at the church’s cemetery, is also seeking $50,000 for two cemetery sites, according to The Orange County Register.

Phillippe alleged the board of directors “acted at Schuller’s bidding” and mismanaged the ministry’s money causing the bankruptcy. The resultant sale of the Garden Grove campus to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has “permanently desecrated” the campus, he argued.

Desecrated? Oh dear. And it gets worse, “The member added that the transfer of the property in February “defamed, polluted, cursed with moral, ethical cultural, criminal, spiritual and religious indignity” the church, its buildings and “the consecrated grounds” of the cemetery.”

Well, as long as you’re being reasonable about this …

I’m torn between the schadenfreude that comes from seeing the fall of a televangelist and the repugnance of seeing the buried anti-catholic anger come to light.

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  • UrsaMinor

    I’m sure everyone will be reasonable once we get this question of which variant is the One True Right and Only Christianity sorted out.

    • mikespeir

      Any day now, I’m sure. They’ve been working on it a while.

      • trj

        About two thousand years. So it stands to reason they must be very close to the answer by now.

    • FO

      One day they will come up with the objective way of evaluating the claims of the Bible, I’m sure.
      Just you wait!

      • Custador

        Book: “What are we up to, sweetheart?”

        River: “Fixing your Bible.”

        Book: “I, um…(alarmed)…what?”

        River: “Bible’s broken. Contradictions, false logistics – doesn’t make sense.” (she’s marked up the bible, crossed out passages)

        Book: “No, no. You – you can’t…

        River: “So we’ll integrate non-progressional evolution theory with God’s creation of Eden. Eleven inherent metaphoric parallels already there. Eleven. Important number. Prime number. One goes into the house of eleven eleven times, but always comes out one. Noah’s ark is a problem.”

        Book: “Really?”

        River: “We’ll have to call it early quantum state phenomenon. Only way to fit 5000 species of mammal on the same boat.” (rips out page)

        <3 Firefly.

        • Len

          Excellent – thanks for that reminder :-) Whatever else is happening, you can’t take the sky from me.

  • Kodie

    They can violate my religious and civil rights for $30 billion, ok. Dayammmn.

  • Rayceeya

    Is anyone besides me having a hard time trying to parse the logic of that first quoted paragraph?

    ” seeking $5.6 million from the California megachurch founder Robert H. Schuller and $30 billion from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, alleging the sale of the church campus violated his religious and civil rights.”

    Whoever he is, he is bloody f-ing insane, or epically trolling.

    • Kodie

      At first I thought, hey, that’s a lot of loot for his feelings. Then, while maybe he’s insane, he realized the church has more money than god, so why not go for it.

      • Custador

        Well, the most fundamental reason I can think of is: Suing an organisation that is already or shortly will be bankrupt – and which will therefore never pay either you or your legal bills even if you win – is really stooooopid.

        • UrsaMinor

          Oh, but it’s the [lack of] thought that counts.

  • vasaroti

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that Schuller’s board of directors are guilty of mismanagement, maybe he should bring a class action suit.
    As for the wife, he should just move her to dirt not tainted with Papist prayers.
    “seeking $50,000 for two cemetery sites”
    Sites, as in tracts of land, or individual plots?

    • UrsaMinor

      Thanks for the Monty Python flashback. :)

      “But she’s got huge t…er, tracts of land.”

      • TrickQuestion

        Sadly, all he will end up with…are the curtains…

  • Robster

    Don’tcha just lurve the christian love on display here! Their caring concern for others, their generosity and overall niceness proves just how deluded, plain silly and hate filled they all are (or at least seem to be to those uninfected with the jesus/god/allah virus). They should collectively all have ulcers as they churn internally always on the lookout for something else to hate. Nasty, nasty people.

    • FO

      “Prove” is a big word.
      Certainly if Christians were consistently better than non-Christians, their claims would be more credible.

    • zach

      All of my family and most of my friends are Christians. Fact is they’re just people and can be just as hateful or as loving as anyone. Like FO said, if they actually were more loving than other people then they’d have more credible claims.

      So don’t say shit like that. They aren’t all “nasty” and “hate filled” people. They also aren’t all as likely to generalize the way you seem to. Be reasonable or GTFO, please.

      • Robster

        True zach, they’re not all nasty petty people but very many are. All their well developed hate would be better put into sorting out real problems, not this anti-everything show they do so well. I’m sure some mean well, but expecting others to share and respect their silly nonsense is too much of an ask.

        • Brian K

          But again, the point is “they” are not all anything. PEOPLE can be nasty. That’s what people can be.

          People also believe all sorts of nonsense, not just Christians. People believe Obama is a hard core liberal who is going to CHANGE the world, and that’s just nonsense. People believe that who wins this year in professional sports is IMPORTANT. LOL. That’s just people.

          • Jabster

            “People believe Obama is a hard core liberal who is going to CHANGE the world, …”

            Christ on a bike – you can bring your pet subject into almost any thread. It’s fucking boring but you would seem to enjoy it.

            • Sunny Day

              But it fits so neatly in that lovely handbag.
              And it matches his eyes. (bat bat)


  • Greg Abell

    If all you people are that concerned about it, why don’t you donate some of your money?

    • Custador

      Oooh, look! More reading comprehension fail!