Modern Miracles

Rick Joyner, who we’ve met previously in his role as lunatic New Wave Pentecostal, takes credit for praying away the Asian Flu:

And here he mentions in passing that he’s witnessed another miracle: a multitude being fed from a single casserole dish.

Have survived many a church potluck, I have my suspicions. I suspect that the casserole was some godawful concoction produced by opening random cans and dumping them together – what we southern Episcopalians used to call “Methodist funeral food.” Everybody in the congregation probably liked the dear old woman who made it, so everybody took a tiny sample of Aunt Matilda’s Tuna-and-spam casserole and dumped it into the garbage at the first opportunity. At the end of the meal, everyone complimented the cook despite having thrown away the only spoonful that touched their plate.

*gasp* Look! Everybody says they ate the casserole, yet half of the casserole dish is still full! It’s a miracle!

Via Matthew Paul Turner, who would NEVER lie to his Aunt Matilda …

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