Signs and Wonders Camp

When The American Jesus posted a video trailer for IHOP’s “Signs and Wonders Camp,” I was ecstatic. Finally I might be able to find out how they get so much filling into their stuffed french toast. I mean, we already know the secret of their omelets is a dollop of pancake batter. Apparently, pancake batter at IHOP is like grace in Calvinist theology: it comes whether you ask for it or not.

But to my bitter disappointment, it turns out to be a promo for the International House of Prayer. Damn.

At the museum I work at, we do all sorts of kids activities based around science and technology. We do the old coffee filter and magic marker chromatography experiment, and we do bridges out of popsicle sticks and we make things out of straws and marshmallows or toothpicks and gumdrops. Well, here’s a camp where you learn how to do faith healing. Charming.