There Were Giants on the Earth! Mutant Giants!

According to Dangerous Minds, World Net Daily, your source for Fundamentalists crazies and birther nonsense, is pushing the work of Jim Staley. Staley’s schtick seems to be a mix of Fundamentalist “the Bible says it, I believe it” nonsense cut with a dose of von Däniken. His big product right now is a DVD titled “The Sons of God.” According to the WND store blurb:

This is a very in-depth teaching out of Genesis 6 that deals with the term “sons of God.” Jim goes to great length using the Scriptures, the writings of Josephus and other extrabiblical books of antiquity to reveal exactly who the “sons of God” are, who the “Nephilim” are and how it all relates to the End of Days. This teaching pulls together Greek mythology, the La Azazel goat of Yom Kippur, fallen angels, roaming evil spirits and aliens. Not only is this teaching on-the-edge-of-your-seat fascinating, it is scripturally based and riddled with the facts of history.

Hooo boy. He had me until “aliens.” Although, I’ll give him credit for this one:

Passion for Truth Ministries is a unique ministry birthed out of a personal need and desire to know the truth of the Scriptures from the perspective of the ones who wrote them, instead of the perspectives of the Greek “church fathers” or Western-American denominationalism, and without reading into them 1,800 years of church tradition and man-made doctrine.

Most Fundamentalists I’ve dealt with would prefer to jettison the ancient worldview of the people who wrote the Bible. It’s nice to see someone try to work out the popular mythology of the ancient Canaanites that the Bible only contains passing references to. But … well, let’s just say that I question his methodology. Here’s a trailer:

How long before the History Channel is carrying this guy? Jason Colavito, Mike Heiser, I turn him over to you. His full video seems to be up on youtube. Seems like a poor business decision, but it’s his gig.

  • UrsaMinor

    Aliens, angels and mutants? Bah! Everyone knows that Lilith was the mother of the giants.

    • Elemenope

      And vampires! But not the sparkly ones. They came from something else. Probably a gag gift from Moroni.

      • UrsaMinor

        Definitely not the sparkly ones. Lilith always had too good a sense of style for that.

    • Len

      No wonder Frasier had such a hard time.

  • The Other Weirdo

    He’s already too late. There was a documentary I saw on Netflix a while back, call Alien Apocalypse. They actually had video proof and made a convincing presentation. Personally, I welcome our new alien overlords.

  • abeille

    Anyone else miss Giorgio Tsoukalos? I kept expecting a cut scene to him… but alas, nothing.

  • Bruce Wright

    Well, that almost explains Prometheus.

  • RickRay1

    After 15 min. of this bullshit crap, I wanted to throw up! Must be the devil telling me something.

  • Paul H.

    One small step for Znargh, a giant stride for Znargh kind.

  • vasaroti

    Jusus > son of God > alien. Got it.

  • Twin-Skies

    *Watches video*

    Hideaki Anno called. He wants his Rebuild of Evangelion script back.

  • Tim with an M

    Chuck Missler (Koinonia House ministries) has been peddling similar ‘demon DNA’ BS for decades. He gets his shows on GodTV so there’s an increasing number of pente fundie types who think aliens are demons in spaceships etc. Such are the results of genetically mixing credulity with ignorance.

  • PsiCop

    It’s interesting how people are able to impart so much meaning and so much importance, to a term that’s used so little and so ambiguously in the O.T. Perhaps ironically, that’s precisely why they do it … because there’s such a paucity of information about “nephilim,” they can spin virtually any yarn they want to about them and shoehorn it into what there is, leaving little behind to refute any of it.

    I’ve often wondered about other, similarly ambiguous Bible references that people could likely stretch a thousand ways to mean whatever they want. The Nicolaitans of Revelation 2, for instance. There’s nothing there to describe them, just mentions that the author of the book (putting his words in Jesus’ mouth) “hates” them, and that two of the Asian churches had had dealings with them. Some of the Church Fathers mention them, stating that they were followers of a heresiarch named Nicolas (although there’s no reason to assume that’s how their name was derived … the name could have been descriptive of the group and not a reference to a person in it).

    Maybe the good folks at World Nut Daily ought to get to work on that. They should do an exposé on those horrible classical Nicolaitans who nearly destroyed the nascent Church! They may, for example, discover that those wicked heretics whom Jesus hated, fled to Egypt in the 2nd century, then around the Muslim conquest fled south to Ethiopia, but were driven out of there and went on to Kenya, where over the centuries they hatched a diabolical plot to dominate the world and wipe out “real” Christianity. Heck, maybe WND might be able to prove the Kenyan president Barack Hussein Obama is descended from them and his theft of the presidency is part of that wicked Nicolaitan conspiracy!

    … It’s a thought, anyway.