Dear Romney: No. Please, No.

Officially, this was from an anonymous Romney adviser right before Mitt’s gaffe-laden visit to the Olympics in London.

Of all the dog whistles you could use, “Anglo-Saxon” is one with the most racist baggage. It’s accuracy is dubious, it goes against America’s self-image as a “melting pot,” and it plays into the hands of the militias and Klansmen who want to imagine America as the great Anglo-Saxon republic.

Please … just don’t. Look, we already know that the President is black. We don’t need you trying to nudge us and remind us of the fact.

Eric Rauchway finds this quote from, of all people, Teddy Roosevelt:

… I have always insisted that we [Americans] are not Anglo-Saxon at all – even admitting for the sake of argument, which I do not, that there are any Anglo-Saxons – but a new and mixed race – a race drawing its blood from many different sources … My own view is, that if a man is good enough for me to profit by his services before the election, he is good enough for me to do what I can for him after election; and I do not give a damn whether his name happens to be Casey, or Schwartzmeister, or Van Rensselaer, or Peabody. I think my whole public life has been an emphatic protest against the Peabodys and Van Rensselaers arrogating to themselves any superiorities over the Caseys and Schwartzmeisters.…

As Rauchway points out, when you make TR looks less racist by comparison, it’s time to admit that you have a problem.

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  • R

    On a related but slightly tangental note, Mr. Roosevelt was often criticized as a “WASP” when in fact he was of Dutch heritage…

    • Kodie

      I think WASP covered the Dutch, it’s a loose definition, like calling someone who is black an African-American but they’re not from the US. I’m not even a little Dutch, but my father refers to white people like us as WASPs. I don’t think we’re WASPs, because it also implies an upper-class background, and usually a family that was established in the US before slavery was abolished, but from the North, including Dutch settlements of New York before the Revolution. I.E., not Irish or Italian or Polish=WASP.

  • JohnMWhite

    Winston Churchill’s bust was removed when Obama entered the White House because its loan period from a museum had expired. It is a manufactured controversy. Tea Partiers rambling on blogs are bound to get the wrong end of that story, but Romney should know better. I’m sure he does, but does not care. Unfortunately he’s not remotely concerned with facts and will blow every dog whistle he can get his hands on. I have zero time for the guy and frankly think his complete apathy toward honesty is dangerous.

  • vasaroti

    Maybe not such a good idea to bring Churchill into the discussion. There have been a number of attacks on him. calling him a Christianist and racist.

    Wikipedia has brief articles on various aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture, including Wodenism. It would be great fun to have neo-pagans in 7th century garb show up at Romney rallies and commend him on his policy choices.
    Personally, I like Anglo-Saxons as a topic of discussion because it affords the opportunity to point out that their laws, not any laws mentioned in the Bible, helped give rise to our modern legal and governmental systems.