I Want To Kill Him Because My God Is All About Love

Jim Gaffigan on religious fundies:


My God is all about love, which is why I am a judgmental, bigoted person that thinks you’re going to hell.


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  • Paul

    Emo Phillips did this one in the eighties (audio only) http://youtu.be/K2y_kI_-x1Q

    youtube also had a cartoon version http://youtu.be/M0zIv2I37UU

    Religions are like so many other groups – political parties, unions, football fans – individually the members can be marvelous, charitable and kind, but when they get together with a charismatic leader and they become a vicious mod that can do incredible and horrible things. If the brain washing is deep enough then the individual members can embrace the mindset the leader wants and horrible things are done as a result. I like to think that atheist groups would be different, but give us just the wrong leader and you could see atheists being drawn into horrible actions. This is why I tend to groups altogether.