Lou Engle Strikes Again

Lou Engle, affectionately known as Thrusty McAwkward for his tendency to do repeated pelvic thrusts during emotional moments, is a New Wave Pentecostal that typifies all the excesses and inanities of the breed.

Here he is predicting that 100,000 Ex-gays will become pastors capable of healing AIDS:

And here he is giving his take on the Avengers movie:

Romance at Mars Hill
All Cycles Come to an End
Dead Raiser
Hallquist on Eich
  • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

    So he doesn’t like Black Widow? What gives?

    Also, not sure having a real, live Thor as a good guy works in a movie supposedly demonstrating Christian spiritual warfare.

    • TrickQuestion

      Ten bucks says we get a gay sex scandal out of this guy within 2 years.

      • Sagrav

        That’s a fool’s bet. That lunatic is f_cking the air as he preaches. We’ll be lucky if his sex scandal involves another human being.

  • TrickQuestion
  • Vision_From_Afar

    Dude be nuts.

  • http://scotteriology.wordpress.com Scott Bailey

    For those of us that saw the movie, are not insane, and actually understood it for what it was, I am reminded of a line from the movie, “You and I remember Budapest very differently…”

    Crazy Lou: you and I remember this movie very differently! (The angel of America?!?)

    The only salient point he made in this entire rambling psychotic break from reality? “Now you really think I’m crazy.” Yes, Lou. Yes, we do.

  • Rob

    I feel sorry for the kids in the audience being suckered by this psycho.

  • http://patheos.com RickRay1

    The gullibility, low I.Q. and the fact they don’t have a life, is what’s basically wrong with these crazy religiotards. He’s probably thinking to himself, “How much $$$ and power can I accumulate by doing this?” There’s a sucker born every minute.