Neil DeGrasse Tyson: I Don’t Think Bush Knew This


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  • Lester Ballard

    I don’t think Bush knew much at all. Apparently he didn’t know Cheney and Rove had their hands up his ass for eight years.

  • Rover Serton

    I agree, See story below, isn’t that Cheney with his hand up Bush’s behind?

    It is sad that Cheney will probably be dead before crimes against humanaity are brought and Bush is young enough to get the punishement (for being Cheneys puppet).

  • Igor

    You could fill a book the size of the bible with the stuff Bush doesn’t know.

  • Sourabh Tiwary

    Of course, Dr. Tyson is right. Arabs at one time were forerunners in astronomy, medicine, philosophy, chemistry…So, what has happened now? Why do we see the Arab countries failing. It was because of the impact of radical islam preached by Al-Ghazali in Arabia. This is an extreme example of what religion can do to impede progress.

    • Marc Forrester

      The religion is more symptom than cause, the Arab civilisation fell when Genghis Kahn’s horde swept through the region burning every major city to the ground, leaving only crazy hill folk to repopulate the countries.