Nothing Fails Like Prayer

Well, there are a few other things that fail like prayer, like miracle water, alternative medicine, and a few of my friends. :)


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  • Noelle

    Dunno ’bout that. Some alternative medicine works pretty good. When it works good enough, we start calling it regular medicine.


    When people try to tell me about the power of prayer, I ask the question; How many prayers do you suppose were offered up during the holocaust, and how well did it work?

    • Darren

      Yeah, well, God does not hear the prayer of Jews…


  • Nerrin

    Well, I can think of one good thing to say about prayer. At least prayer doesn’t have to cost you any money to access it, unlike miracle water or the quackery that makes up most alt-medicine. When you kneel down to pray, you’re getting out of it what you put in (which is to say, nothing on both sides of the equation). Breaking even is a better record than homeopathy.

  • WA

    nothing works like unanswered prayer.

  • Norm

    Actually prayer works every time,God says yes,no,or wait.Its just that people dont always like the answer they get

    • trj

      There were certainly many millions of Jews in the KZ camps who didn’t like the answer they got.

    • Len

      You seem quite sure of that. Do you have an example where your god really answered you? Not that you heard he answered someone you know about, but that he answered you, personally. Not that something happened which could have happened anyway. Not that you worked out what to do using knowledge you already had. I want you to think of a real case where you got an answer that couldn’t have come from any other source. Be honest.

      And then maybe you could tell us why he doesn’t seem to hear the many prayers, pleas, and screams for help of abused children all over the world (never mind the abused men and women) whom he just lets suffer.

      God doesn’t actually answer anything in response to prayer. Other than naturally occurring coincidences, you get a deafening silence in response – ie, no answer.

      • ukon

        Amazing how you people never refer to the god of this earth, the devil, whom, going by these comments, most people serve.

        Stop blaming God for the evil that occurs and start directing the blame to the source of evil.

        If God over-ruled the free will of humanity, then we may as well be robots.

        • Sunny Day

          Only the truly stupid would think that if we don’t believe in god we would have to believe in the devil.

        • Troutbane

          Ive said this before, I always find the freewill argument so much bullshit since so many theists try their best to prevent people from using their freewill. Basically, its good because it enables them to validate their god myth (and avoid logical arguments), but it is bad because they don’t like people actually exercising freewill and will do anything to stop people from defying their god myths man-made bullshit rules.

          P.S. Please stop blaming bronze age fairytales for people being evil. Those people are evil because they do evil shit not because of some “enemy”.

    • Fudir

      Assuming you’re being serious, I think this video answers the Yes, No, or Wait question fairly well.

    • JP Hugo


    • Darren

      Just like the Magic 8-Ball!

  • Bee

    Hey, this picture was taken in my city – Tulsa! So glad to see non-religios folk speaking out in such a conservative place…and on a Christian college campus, no less.

  • Bee

    Ahem – *religious.

  • Phillip

    All Scripture is good “for instruction”. II Ti 3:16

    Not all Scripture is “about us”.

    Abuse of the Narratives is why believers insert themselves as Israelites or Disciples of Christ in Judea 2,000 years ago, when the Kingdom was “at hand”, when the Lord said “anything you ask in My name”.

    His message was quite specific as to who the recipient was and to who it was NOT Mat 10:5-8. cp Luk 1:80, Joh 1:11

    Israel’s reaction to the Kingdom and its miraculaous benefits was consequentail.

    Matthew 12:28 “But IF I cast out devils by the Spirit of God (P), THEN the kingdom of God is come unto you. (Q)”

    Matthew 21:43- “Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you (~Q)…”

    THEREFORE, NOT Christ is casting out devils by the Spirit of God (~P)

    Matthew 21:-43 “…and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.” But (X).

    Therefore, the disciples were no longer told to preach, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils, but to “wait”, “tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.” Luk 24:49. Act 1:4.

    Israel rejected Peter’s message also – “ye men of Israel” – when he preached to them repentence, and that God would send Jesus Christ. Act 3:12-20, &c.

    God has not sent Jesus Christ. Israel has not repented.

    Rev 12:10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, NOW is come salvation (S), AND strength (dunamis=power) (D), AND the kingdom of our God (Q), AND the power (exousia=liscense) (L) of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.

    S ^ D ^ Q ^ L

    Until then, Textually speaking, there is no Logical reason for expecting the miracles that are frequently expected today. That is, of course, unless it can be demonstrated that the Kingdom (Q) “is come”. Rev 12:10

    A person who robs somebody else’s mail has no right to complian that he didn’t get what was promised in the letter.

    • Phillip

      Working with the assumption that the subject is miracles, and that the onus is upon the Theist to prove God:

      IF God exists (A), THEN miracles exist (B).

      A -> B

      If I prove (B), is (A) proven True? Not without Affirming the Consequent, which is Invalid Reasoning.

      In this instance, any provision of a miracle on my part is Logically Conclusive of nothing. cp Joh 12:37. “But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him”

      IF miracles exist (Y), THEN God exists. (Z)

      Y -> Z

      This syllogism is not as strong, since the existence of God is not dependent on the things that might or might not come from God. If I fail to prove (Y), is (Z) proven False? Not without Deyning the Antecedent, which is Invalid Reasoning.

      In this instance, my failure is Logically Conclusive of nothing.

      • Len

        You seem to expect that god (if he exists) must do miracles. Why?