Rick Warren is Acting Like Rick Warren

From Exploring our Matrix, where James McGrath comments, “I am very disappointed that Rick Warren would use the occasion of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado to make an inane, stupid swipe at evolution.”

(Note: the is not dated July 12th. The dating is 20th of July, 2012. This has caused some confusion.)

Upon hearing that Warren will once again be holding a presidential forum, Jason Pitzl-Waters remarked,

The only real difference between Warren and many other figures within the realm of conservative Christianity is his genial self-help-book-writer tone. In short, this is not a man I’d trust to explore alone the serious moral and ethical questions inherent to the world’s more powerful job, because there’s only one moral and ethical standard he’s truly capable of understanding.

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  • Brian Lynchehaun

    there’s only one moral and ethical standard he’s truly capable of understanding.

    I think that this is both exceedingly and excessively generous. And wrong.

  • mikespeir

    It makes perfect sense. Evolution means no God, and no God means no morals, and no morals means everybody becomes a mass murderer. You have to look at things through Warren’s glasses, that’s all.

  • trj

    Yup, he’s right on the money. Ever since I learned about common descent I’ve just been killing people left and right. Because obviously you can’t have morals if you don’t believe in a genocidal god who’s willing to torture you for eternity.


    This remark is about as well thought out as anything else Rick Warren ever regurgitated, which isn’t saying much. What is even worse than the unadulterated stupidity of Warren’s remark, is his smug assumption that he should be deferred to because he sticks the word ‘reverend’ in ahead of his name.

  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

    Rick Warren has replied to my posts in a comment on my blog (yes, it really is him, he was logged in with his Twitter account). You can read his reply, in which he claims he was not talking about the Aurora shooting at all, and my own reply, in my latest post here: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/exploringourmatrix/2012/07/rick-warren-responds.html

    • http://leavingfundamentalism.wordpress.com Jonny Scaramanga

      That does give a slightly different spin, because I do have a different conception of the morals of sexuality now than when I was a Christian. I rejected his notion of sin, and it is true that my lack of belief in a Ceiling Cat affects this.

    • Kodie

      Did he only clarify it for you or did he clarify it for his followers also? I think it’s weird that he replied to an email by tweeting something general. Unless he made up an excuse, it’s plausible he wrote back in the email and hit upon a phrase he liked so tweeted it as a general concept. If he’s not lying about the email, I would suggest his tweet may have been careless, but not exactly denying he feels that way about the shooter, just that he may regret the timing and how it might be received.

  • http://minorityatheistsofmi.org Beautifulblackatheist

    Not sure if you all caught the breaking news on Animal Planet,but it seems that a heavily armed Lion was caught in a trap after it opened fire and took out half of his pride! Details are still sketchy.

  • http://minorityatheistsofmi.org Beautifulblackatheist

    Instead of deleting the tweet, a follow up tweet would’ve offered the same clarification as an email, or whatever medium he used to reply to James. Deleting seems impulsive and cowardly.

  • Keulan

    Jason’s article mentions that Rick Warren lied about what he intended to ask the candidates about in his 2008 debate between Obama and McCain. I’m willing to bet he’s now lying about what he was really referring to in his tweet.

  • http://astranavigo.blogspot.com Astra Navigo

    Actually, animals are pretty cool.

    You’ll never see them founding megachurches and buggering the truth for money. You’ll never see them hating on each other for genetic traits (like being gay). You’ll never see them shovel in donuts by the boxload and brag on how great an Imaginary Friend is for putting them in charge of a religious empire.

    Nope. It’s humans who do that. At least, some of them. Like Rick Warren….

  • Cliff

    Please tell me what is really true concerning life on earth and beyond the grave. Make sure all of you fellows who reject the Bibical account of these things agree on what is truth before your leader responds. There are as many opinions as there are people, but there can be only one truth of the matter for all. I shall be waiting for your leader’s answer on what is the absolute truth of what is truth.

    • Yoav

      Alternatively, why don’t you start by providing anything resembling evidence for the reliability of the biblical account (hint, the bible say so doesn’t count as evidence for the bible being a reliable source of information).

    • Nox

      Why do you assume we have a leader?

    • Len

      While I don’t certainly pretend to be the leader (as Nox says, why do you assume that we have one?), I think I can state the following “concerning life on earth and beyond the grave” without risk of too much disagreement: Life exists on earth and no-one knows what happens when we die (ie, beyond the grave), other than that our physical bodies decay. Anyone who states anything else is making it up as they go along.

      • Len

        That should be “While I certainly don’t pretend… ” See, it’s just as well that I’m not the leader (that we don’t even have, by the way) – I can’t even proof read my own two sentences properly.

        • Cliff

          Len, you merely state what you “THINK.” Tell me the truth instead of existence.

          • Cliff

            In the last post, “instead” should be the last word. Delete “of existence” please.

            • Len

              The truth? OK: no-one knows what happens after we die (other than the decaying I mentioned before). Really. You may think that you know because you’ve fallen for the religious line about god, etc, and it probably makes you feel good. But you don’t know. Regardless of whatever stories you’ve been told, no-one knows.

          • Johan

            Why are you putting the responsibility of answering your questions on others, particularly in light of your deceptive choice of words. You joined a conversation by using straw men and frankly nonsensical bullshit. That won’t get you anywhere. If you can’t debate honestly then why try to start a debate?

            There are guides online on how to debate honestly. Look them up.

            • Theory_of_I


              Exactly. Thanks.
              (Tho there could be an odor of troll around Cliff methinks)

          • Nox

            Life eats life.

    • Troutbane

      Obviously when we die we are judged worthy by Thoth or spending eternity feasting in the Halls of Valhalla. That is the absolute Truth. Now prove me wrong.

      • trj

        That’s not what it says in the Bible! There, I’ve proved you wrong.

        (I’m just anticipating the kind of argument Cliff will come up with to demonstrate how he “knows” the afterlife – specifically the Christian version of it – is real. I think it’s a pretty safe bet he will rely on this kind of special pleading.)

    • Sunny Day

      Looks to be another moron who won’t accept, “I don’t know as an answer, and take that as an opening to substitute their brand of purposeful ignorance as a cure.