S.E. Cupp Doesn’t Get Democracy

Hemant has been looking at some recent comments by S.E. Cupp, the atheist who functions as a junior level conservative pundit. As always, much of what she says is confusing to hear from the mouth of an atheist, since it sounds more like a talking point from an Evangelical Christian.

But there are also things like this, where she talking about how she would never vote for an atheist for president:

I like that there is a check, OK? That there‘s a person in the office that doesn’t think he’s bigger than the state… I like religion being a check and knowing that my president goes home every night addressing someone above him and not thinking all the power resides right here… Atheists don’t have that.

Again, most of this is a conservative Christian talking point: the idea that atheists do not recognize anything larger than the self. But the absurdity here is that she’s talking about a national office, and quite obviously the nation is larger than the self. The nation is composed of the collective will of millions of people, and the elected official is either a representative of that will or a delegate given authority by that collective will.

That’s not a minor point. That’s kinda the heart and soul of a representative democracy. I really don’t care whether or not an elected official believes that they’re answerable to a transcendent power so long as they recognize that they’re answerable to their very earthly human constituency.

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