Tapley on Zombie Attacks

William Tapley discusses the special end times meaning behind cannibalistic zombie attacks, which were predicted by the Virgin Mary.

One thing I like about Tapley is that he’s got good taste for scenery.

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  • Irreverend Bastard

    “predicted by the Virgin Mary”

    Virgin? I think she lied.

    • Aljaž Kozina

      I thought he said:
      “…, on the messages, which The Buzzard Virgin Mary gave to mankind, …”
      Apparently, there’s one for every species.

      • UrsaMinor

        I think he just likes avian metaphors. He is, after all, the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse.

  • http://www.laughinginpurgatory.com/ Andrew Hall

    I’m sorry, if Mr Tapley can not even tell me if the zombies are going to be the fast, running type (Day of the Dead), the infected humans from 28 Days Later, or the traditional Walkers (Walking Dead), then I can’t listen to his ramblings.

  • http://www.theatheistpig.com The Atheist Pig

    But it was foretold in the Bible so it must be true.

    Seriously though, I’m not sure what to make of this guy. I wonder if he’s just lonely and starved for attention or if he really does have a screw loose.

    • UrsaMinor

      My guess is that it’s a little bit of both.

  • trj

    The Bible prophesizes fictional creatures? Well, I suppose that comes as no surprise.

  • Igor

    He forgot Sauron and the Kingdom of Mordor. BTW, is that the Cohoes Falls behind him? If so, he lives way too close to me…

  • http://theotherweirdo.wordpress.com The Other Weirdo

    Christianity finally discovers popular culture. I predict that we will soon see Christian-themed zombie apocalypse movies.

    • UrsaMinor

      Christianity flirted with popular culture briefly in the early 1970s. I had to endure folksinging in Sunday school.

    • Len

      … Christian-themed zombie apocalypse movies.

      You mean like all the dead Christians coming back to life and eating Jesus’ body when the end of the world comes around?

      Christianity wrote the book (literally) on zombie apocalypses.

      • http://theotherweirdo.wordpress.com The Other Weirdo

        I have to admit, I LOLed at that.

  • Noelle

    Upstate NY has some pretty places for crazies to film. Have y’all tried marketing on this?

    I couldn’t listen to much, but at least he’s not singing in this one.

  • http://jingreed.typepad.com Jing-Reed

    What, no song this time? I feel cheated.
    BTW, does anyone know what Bible prophesy has to say about angry hedgehogs and the end times?

    • trj

      That’s the beauty of Revelation, it’s such a bunch of nonsense you can interpret it to symbolise anything you want. Tapley sure does, as do countless others. So feel free to make it mean something about angry hedgehogs.

      • UrsaMinor

        The “horses” of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are clearly a poetic allegory for angry hedgehogs in assorted colors.

  • mh_mini

    Watching this made my brain hurt. Also obviously thinks a black democrat as president must be the worst thing in the world to call him a beast of the end times. There needs to be less people like him.

  • 100meters

    Tapley…RUN…there’s a BEAR behind you !!! Eeek, I think he’s one of those virginized-apocalyptic-zombie ones, too !!! Run, Tapley, run !!!