Why Churches Don’t Have Free WiFi

WiFi: Prayer that works!


  • machintelligence

    Somebody has to do it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVUfLJVSdjg

  • jeries

    why we never see mosques or synagogue with free wifi,
    so its not just churches haven’t got one,it is that these places ( Churches,Mosques and Synagogue) are made to pray and to connect with GOD spirituality
    and spiritual connection for believers in GOD is stronger than any wifi connection.. and it never gets cut as a wifi connection!!

    • Sagrav

      That’s true. You’ll never get cut off from the voices in your head.

      • UrsaMinor

        There are pharmaceuticals that can help.

    • Len

      But wifi works both ways.

    • jane

      Fellow Christians don’t bother responding to the postings the secular s have placed. Most of them don’t seem to say anything really worth reading. And it’s a waste of your time. They only seem to want to cut people down, instead of saying anything interesting, or thought out. They are not interested in knowing the truth, only in finding a venue to bad mouth others. What a joke!!

      • Kodie

        Oh, everyone, listen to jane! She’s an expert and a bossy-pants, she doesn’t want you to read anything she says is a waste of time, poor jane. Please start saying something interesting or thought out any fucking time now.

  • Kodie

    They are made for people to come and listen to a guy tell them what to think.

  • Yoav

    Poor wittle christian feel so prosecuted, someone made a joke about churches but not about mosques, it must be the secret sharia law movement or something. would it make you happier if I said that I agree with you that other religions are just as much bullsh*t as yours?

    • jane

      Go ahead and persecute us with your mouth. Makes no difference to me, or any other Christians. You’re the ones that have to account for the use of your words. And besides, if we were really being persecuted (believe me your words are not true persecution), we would receive rewards in heaven for it. So, if you believe your words are persecution…..persecute on….makes no difference to us…. have fun!!!!!

      • Yoav

        You’re not that smart are you? I didn’t say what we do is prosecution, I was pointing to the pathetic christian prosecution complex.

      • Anthi

        You’re simply delusional and you have no bigger knowledge of the truth than the rest of us “stupid” seculars.

  • Peter

    Well, you have to cut down before planting a new crop

  • Ufoguy

    Very funny and true at the same time.