3,000 Years Ago? Was Anyone Alive Then?

I don’t even… please someone tell me these people are joking.


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  • donna

    does everyone really believe that there was no humans before 1 AD…..seriously??????/

  • http://www.patheos.com/Religion-Portals/Pagan.html Star Foster

    Damn kids need to get off my Twitter lawn…

  • thelettuceman


    I need to go repair my brain.

  • blotonthelandscape
  • UrsaMinor

    To quote Professor Farnsworth, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      Good news everyone, getting to Mars only costs a fraction of hosting an Olympic Games.

      • UrsaMinor

        And slightly less than the cost of a medium-sized war.

        • Jack


          When… When’s the next rocket to mars?

          Kuz… I’d be interested in colonizing it… to get away from… THEM.

  • mikespeir

    WTF, indeed!

  • Nuria

    OMG, the world is doomed.

  • k’Sheyna V

    These are our future leaders? *headdesk* Where’s the hemlock?

    • Peter Eng

      No, these are a tiny sampling of the people who may be selecting somebody’s future leaders.

  • Crystal K

    I just cried a little…

  • toffifee

    I just got a brilliant idea how to save humanity! First of all i have to get really tanned, then a boob job, then dye my hair blond and loose some weight. When the looks are all fixed i have to start drinking and doing coke in public so I get famous and be like one of teenagers present idols. When that accomplished I have to get attention of all religious people by shouting anti- homosexual abuse wherever I go. So basically now I have 98% of population supporting me and then I stop doing all the crap and start giving basic history, maths, geography and economy lessons instead of the interviews to all paparazzi that are following me. And get a photo shoot in Playboy with boobs out saying “Yo, dude, Science is cool! Stop jerking, start reading!” Of course that’s not gonna happen and instead all the god loving christians will continue going to chatroulette to show to curious 11 year old kids how fuckin wonderful they are because they’re straight by jerking off…. I don’t want to live on this planet no more :(

    • Jack

      You’re my new role model.

  • Kathie Wilson

    The Christian philosophy that the world was made for man, is utterly false. Man, like every other creature and being, was made for the world.
    The Christian idea that God somehow favors man over all other animals, has led to the extinction of thousands of species, and the halting of our own evolution. Man cannot evolve unless and until he leaves a way for our successor to become – and Christianity teaches that we’ve already reached the pinnacle. We have not. But we will not, if our current incarnation continues to believe that food must be produced to surplus, and continues to be informed that there is only “One Right Way” way to live.
    – Paraphrasing the premise of ‘Ishmael’, by Daniel Quinn.

  • Thin-ice

    All Americans, right? ‘Nough said.

    • Ed Selby

      Actually, no. At least one is from the UK

  • JK

    Is this for real? Can anyone NOT have learned about the Roman Empire, the Greeks, the Egyptian culture and such in school? WTBF?
    Such things freak me out.

  • Kodie

    The problem is they are using some semblance of logic – it is only year 2012, and they know 2012 is less than 3000. Why did we start counting the years at Jesus? They think they have caught an error in reporting. Of course there is more information they are lacking, which they obviously don’t realize, but reminds me of the other thread – how people decide what is true because they don’t realize there is more information; they are still using what they do know to solve problems and reach conclusions, and feel pretty intelligent for doing so, and proud of themselves, when these things come out of their mouths or in a tweet.

    The problem is we started counting years arbitrarily. The good news seems to be at least they’ve never heard of Jesus.

  • Paul H.

    What can you say when bitch slapped with such stupidity.

  • Galen Gulbranson

    Just a small sampling of Mitt Romney supporters.

  • Dez Hatton

    F***ing hell!

  • Tm rearik

    The olympics was banned in ancient Greece in 393 because it was considered to be a pagen celebration. And they began again in 1896.So anyone who says they have lasted that long are wrong. Because they had been banned From 396 to 1896. Your point is invaded. BOOM

  • Tm rearik

    Like seriocley they haven’t lasted 3000 years people don’t do there fucking goddamn research anymore. GODDAMN

  • Tm rearik

    And doesn’t that technically mean they actually ended for a long time in between Those two periods. So technically they haven’t lasted for 3000 years.

    • UrsaMinor

      So are you drunk, or high? You’ve made the exact same point in three successive posts. A point which attempts to refute an argument that the original post does not make.

      Reading comprehension. You doesn’t haz it.

      • Elemenope

        I’ve been drunk and high (at the same time, even!) and posted coherent responses before. Drugs are just a lazy excuse for poor reading comprehension.

      • Nox

        Purely anecdotal of course, but most of the things I’ve posted on this site (including this sentence) were written while high.

  • Tm rearik

    Fine if I’m wrong you do the fucking math

    • Kodie

      And the reading?

    • UrsaMinor

      The statement in question was “…this man on the Olympics said they [the Olympic Games] started 3000 years ago!”.
      The historical record shows that the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BCE.
      Today is 2012 CE.
      2012 – (-776) = 2788. Subtract one more year because there was no year 0.
      The Olympics were started 2787 years ago, which is close enough to 3000 for government work.

      But my real point is, nobody in the original post said the Olympics in their original form had lasted 3000 years, which is what you’ve been refuting.

      Reading comprehension. You still doesn’t haz it.

  • Tm rearik

    That’s your best fucking insult well I’m so honored.
    Tell me how reading comprehension has anything to do with the point I’m making. Oh I’m sorry you can’t.

    • Mogg

      Still no sign of that reading comprehension. Someone should send out a search party.

      • Sunny Day

        Wow some people still can’t get it even when it’s spelled out for them in simple statements. There could be something else going on.

        Tim is English your primary language?

    • http://blog.luigiscorner.com/ Azel

      Tell me how reading comprehension has anything to do with the point I’m making.

      Easy. As we can clearly see here your point was that anyone saying that the Olympic Games lasted 3000 years was mistaken, which is true. However, it’s not at all what “this man on the olympics” Saray Kay talked about said. He said that the Olympic Games started 3000 years ago.

      Now, the reading comprehension part. On one hand, “started 3000 years ago” in this context means that the first occurrence of an Olympic Games was circa 3000 years ago, nothing more, nothing less. And well, that statement is true as UrsaMinor shown here. On the other hand, “lasted 3000 years” means in this context that during the last circa 3000 years there would be Olympics Games in a quasi-uninterrupted manner, which is clearly false given that based on the figures you gave there was 1503 years of interruption.

      To wrap up that post, your reading comprehension error was between the meaning of start, indicating a beginning date, and last, indicating a duration. I hope that now you know from where come the statements that your reading comprehension is absent.

      • http://blog.luigiscorner.com/ Azel

        Seana Kay and not Sarah Kay, but the point still stands…

    • UrsaMinor

      Tell me how reading comprehension has anything to do with the point I’m making. Oh I’m sorry you can’t.

      You’re right. It seems I can’t tell you anything. The disconnect between what is there in print and what you read from it is too wide for me to bridge.

      You still seem to be under the impression that I am disputing your assertion that the ancient Olympic Games and the modern ones were not continuous. I am not. They were not continuous. There was long break between them, the better part of a millennium and a half.

      And my original criticisms of your posts still stand.

  • Tm rearik

    Welll fuck you!

    • Elemenope

      You’re welcome.

    • Sunny Day

      Well you seem to have a firm grasp on profanity Tim, but is English your primary language?

    • UrsaMinor

      I do so love poking trolls for sport.

  • Tm rearik

    I saw that people where making comments on how stupid,people where being. So I just was stating facts. I didnt read what that guy on the Olympics said so tell me how I have poor reading comprehension. when Clearly I was giving facts. Based off what I saw from people thinking others where being stupid. I dont care what the guy on the Olympics said. I was just letting people know that the Olympics had started 3000 years ago in the ancient times. But technacly the olympics has only happend for 977 years in the modern day.

    • http://blog.luigiscorner.com Azel

      So you criticised comments on a position about a Facebook message you didn’t even read nor did you read the post expressing said position and you wonder you missed the point ? You’re stupid or that’s deliberate ? And you were giving facts which weren’t germane to the discussion, tried to pass that off as gifts from on high and were shocked when we called you out on your arrogance…don’t let the door hit you on your way out boy.

    • Sunny Day

      So it wasn’t reading comprehension it was just plain lazyness and a desire to spout off facts?

  • Tm rearik

    Oh so I didnt elaborate enough on my previous posts. Well then just ignore those then and look at the post above this one. P.S don’t get so butt hurt assholes. No pun intended.

    • Sunny Day

      Your advice, you should follow it.

  • Tm rearik

    Hey azel it was twitter dipshit

    • Custador

      Sorry, we’re feeding trolls now? This guy is pretty obviously mentally defective, stop mocking the afflicted, people.

      • UrsaMinor

        It took a few rounds to distinguish between careless and stupid. Now that the verdict is in, I shan’t be feeding the poor thing anymore.

  • Tm rearik

    I was seriously trying to make a good point

  • Tm rearik

    Everybody rapes you for having opinion

  • Tm rearik

    Atheists suck

  • Joe dion

    What tim is trying to say is that the olympics where in the ancient era.But that during the inturuption there where no Olympics during the so called inturuption. And if I do recall these people on twitter talking about there only being 2012 years there was no so called Facebook post to read as azel said there was. It was clearly a tweet. And people said there was no hope for humanity. Tim was just trying to explain how the Olympics definitely weren’t arond that long.

    • Kodie

      Tim doesn’t know that Joe is using his email to log in.

    • Yoav

      Sockpuppets make baby jeebus cry.

    • http://blog.luigiscorner.com/ Azel

      Ok, that was tweets and not Facebook message, my bad. Doesn’t detract from the fact Tim didn’t even read them before posting, tried to present his facts as gifts given to the ignorant populace and was butthurt when people didn’t appreciate his boundless arrogance. And even when he has something worthwhile to say like that its tzeets manage to coat his messages with enough arrogance and insult that people prefer to just throw all of it out rather than wade in his insults and persecution complex to retrieve the few worthwhile pearls.

      So, get off your crosses, we need the wood.

      • http://blog.luigiscorner.com/ Azel

        Err, not “its tzeets” but it’s tweets’…

    • trj

      This is getting beyond pathetic.