Gay Math

  • Harrison Gross

    Mr. Tyson assumes Glenn is working serially. Working in parallel, he could get as many as 80 guys off in four hours!

  • UrsaMinor

    The correct answer is actually 19, as the inspection by the park ranger takes a nonzero amount of time during which no guys may be serviced, and one also presumes that Glenn is going to need an occasional break.

  • Francesco

    pff, amateur.

  • Tom

    IS Glenn using one hand or two? I have faith Glenn can service at least 2X more people is he is double jacking.

    • UrsaMinor

      If he adapts the heterosexual methods of the Kama Sutra to the modern gay male lavatory venue, at least 6X is achievable if he’s willing to remove his shoes. But I got the impression that the original math problem implied serial processing.

  • elivent

    But can he sustain that kind of pace? Inquiring minds.

  • Skippy

    Also, what does “get a stranger off” mean? We’re assuming handjobs, but this could easily imply blowjobs alone, or blowjobs AND handjobs. If Glenn is utilizing both blowjobs and handjobs, the number of men gotten off could triple!
    Of course, I’ve also ignored anal sex. He could be getting schtupped while providing a blow job as well as two handjobs. Who knew gay math could be so hard?