GoP discovers Time Travel, limits abortions.

In a move which might be the most mind-bending placement of law over reality I’ve ever heard of, Republicans in Arizona have declared that pregnancy begins up to two weeks before conception. Specifically, they say that if you become pregnant, the law will now hold that you have in fact been pregnant since the end of your last menstrual cycle. Even though you haven’t. Perhaps Jan Brewer ought to go to her Ob/Gyn and tell him she’s pregnant because she’s planning to have unprotected sex next week, and see how he responds.

The purpose of this new law is to make medical terminations of pregnancy illegal two weeks earlier than in any other state. Frighteningly, it also removes provisions for late-term abortions in medical emergencies, and compels women to undergo an (unnecessary, expensive) ultrasound scan the day before the abortion takes place.

I could open up a debate about the medical ethics of attempting to emotionally blackmail a patient into making a different decision versus informed consent, but I’m too busy being disgusted.

Stay classy, GoP. Stay classy.

Edit: Here’s a pertinent question – If you’re pregnant two weeks before conception, doesn’t that make birth control a form of abortion? Are you not then required in Arizona law to undergo an ultrasound scan the day before you have sex, every time you have sex?

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