Jerry DeWitt: Skepticism is my nature…

Skepticism is my nature.
Free Thought is my methodology.
Agnosticism is my conclusion.
Atheism is my opinion.
Humanitarianism is my motivation.

—Jerry DeWitt

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  • SteveE

    Heard him speak with Dawkins when he was in Washington. You can tell he used to be a preacher, but man he was good. I could watch Jerry speak all the time.

    • vasaroti

      Used to be a preacher – ah, that would explain the pose, which instantly got my hackles up.

  • Paul

    That was a wonderful statement. Not short enough to be a sound bite but easy to work into a simple conversation. No reasonable acronym to turn into a perjorative. I’d love to hear him talk.

  • Jerry DeWitt

    Thanks for the shout-out! :-D

  • djlazaro

    Mr Dewitt it’s great to have you on our side. As a former preacher you could help atheists with this problem. When a Christian starts quoting scripture to back up something like homosexuality .If you remind them of things like slavery. Rape or other horrible things in the Bible they always say that’s the old testament it doesn’t count.
    Because you know Jesus came blah blah blah .Where does it say in the new testament that the OT doesn’t count? How do they keep getting away with this? Either the whole Bible is the word of God or it’s not. You could do a great service to the atheist community if you could right something on this for us. It’s tiresome that they get by with this. Thanks.

    • Kodie

      You are so lost.

  • Kiwi Dave

    Thank you. This is positive reinforcement for me. I speak about Positive Skepticism and why you need a Skeptic. I’ve not ventured too far into the agnostic’atheist side since I concentrate on businesses.