Let’s Begin This Meeting With a Prayer


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  • Jabster

    Jesus H fecking Christ Dan … if you’ve not got anything to add just let the rest of us give you cash from advertising.

    Don’t tell me your divorce is lasting a bit longer than you thought so that’s why you haven’t posted anything of substance – you remember when you said you were going to do that – or is it just that the site traffic is down a bit so you felt the need to post some more crap?

    • Daniel Florien

      I posted an essay yesterday, though not because of your whining. It is my blog, you know, and I am allowed to post what I want without your approval. Perhaps you could just stop reading it if it annoys you?

      Also mentioning my divorce like that is kind of a dick move, man.

      • Jabster

        You were the one who brought up you divorce about 6 months ago when it was pointed out that you had posted bugger all to you own blog for what was it 9 months or so. You then replied that you would be posting again and yet all you’ve posted Dan is a bunch of crap cartoons and moved the blog to a site with a bit more advertising space to generate you more cash while the likes of vorjack write the content for you.

        If you don’t want your divorce mentioned then maybe don’t seem to use it as a excuse to do nothing, say you’re going to do something and then carry on doing nothing.

        • Ken

          Really uncalled for.

        • Daniel Florien

          You sure told me. Well keep reading and complaining then since you seem to enjoy it. I will post some cartoons tomorrow just for you!

          • Elemenope

            Make sure that they are “crap” cartoons, and in a bunch. Otherwise the point might be lost.

            • Daniel Florien

              Perhaps I should just post a bunch of pictures of cartoon excrement? Might not get as many likes, though…

    • Pulitzer

      You are a nasty person Jabster. If you have something to say, say it plainly; yellow is a lovely color but sometimes… You must thank the internet and people like Daniel that let you spread your bile…

  • Sunny Day

    I’m uncomfortable with this being so close to my clean laundry.

  • Missjade

    Well I appreciate the fact that not all the posts are lengthy essays. Sometimes it’s nice to have a quick laugh at a picture in between doing other things. This post made me laugh.

  • http://www.neosimian.com Neosimian Sapiens

    For the record, it was that “crap” cartoon that brought me to this page!

    It made me laugh when I saw it on Google Images, and now I’m here.

    • Elemenope