“My Life as the Daughter of a Cult Leader”

In the wake of Jack Schaap’s removal as pastor, here’s a TEDx talk by Linda Murphrey, daughter of Jack Hyles. Hyles was a pastor at First Baptist Church in Hammond before Schaap, and grew the church into a megachurch. During part of the 90s, First Baptist was probably the largest Baptist Church in America. And, according to Linda Murphy and a large number of other people who knew it, the church was a cult.

Listening to this, I’m reminded of a saying: the first rule in an abusive home is “don’t”. Don’t talk about it, don’t think about it, don’t write about it. It couldn’t happen, it doesn’t happen, and if it did it wasn’t that bad anyway.

(Note: this video was taken down and is now back up. It may go down again. I’ll keep an eye on it.)

Via The Way Forward