Painter of Light meets Painter of Giant Radioactive Lizards

This is exactly the sort of thing that Thomas Kinkade paintings need more of …

This was produced by Rod Lemen, well before Kinkade died.

Via Dangerous Minds

  • vasaroti

    Kinkade merely painted for the audience of the future. By 2050 bougainvillea should grow pretty well in the UK. As for the alarming yellow light emanating from all his cottages, I must assume that we’ll all have mini-reactors by that time.

  • Sue Blue

    I want this on a coffee mug, with one of those smarmy, sticky-sweet poems you always see coupled with Kinkade paintings.

  • Keulan

    All the building Kinkade painted look like they’re on fire from the inside. With Godzilla added in, they sort-of make sense. They’re on fire from the back, having been set alight by Godzilla!