This is hilarious:

Too bad it’s photoshopped. :)

Still, maybe we should start calling Romney by his rap alias, R-money.


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  • Zotz sez: Healthy vaginas make Baby Jesus cry!

    Old news, but I’m glad the Rmoney thing has made it’s way here. It does truly nail the bastard.

  • mikespeir

    “…maybe we should start calling Romney by his rap alias, R-money.”

    I’ll just be glad when we no longer have to worry with calling him anything at all.

  • vasaroti

    I’m waiting for some DJ to loop that creepy giggle.

  • Paul

    I’m waiting for a “none of the above” spot on the ballot. You still get to cast your vote for which ever of the two lessers you think is less evil, but it would be nice to get a gauge on how many americans would prefer someone other than the two candidates. Yes, I know the party rhetoric that both use, if you don’t vote or if you vote for some third party person you are helping the other side win. Personally, I’d love to see my country grow up to the point where we don’t think about it like a football game but those in power would give up power by changing the system and FSM only knows what they would come up with to replace it.
    As a general question, how many presidents have you voted for because you really felt he was the best man, how many times have you voted to keep someone else out and how many times did you vote for a third party not because you felt he was the best candidate but because you couldn’t vote for either of the mainstream candidates?

    Since I asked the question, I’ll start it off. I voted twice for people who I really thought were the best, three times to vote against the other candidate and the remaining 5 times I either voted for a third party or not at all because I couldn’t support either candidate.

    • UrsaMinor

      I always vote to keep the greater of two evils out of the White House, although in my very first presidential election I voted positively for the guy who I thought was the best candidate, and he belonged to a third-party.

      A ranked voting system would shake things up in the U.S. People are much less likely to do the Calculus of Evil thing, and much more likely to vote for the candidate they actually want, if they can rank the candidates in order of preference instead of only being able to put in a winner-takes-all vote for a single candidate. Unless and until we go to ranked voting, we’re locked in to the two-party system. No third party in the U.S. has a chance at the moment.

      • trj

        Good luck getting the two dominant parties to ratify or even acknowledge the need for such a change.

        • Paul

          That is of course the big problem. The only way to change things is for the only folks who benefit from the current system deciding to voluntarily en masse vote to change something that will end their careers.

          There is a guy Stephen K Hill who was very upset that Al Gore did not get the White House put his energy into other electoral systems that are in use in other countries or in cities in the US. His first book, Fixing Elections has tons of information but he had not yet learned how to use footnotes. He has written several subsequent books where he had either taken writing lessons or had a better editor. He talks a lot about how to bring these different methods to fruition. My brother is part of a group in California (I don’t remember the name of the group) that is trying to institute some of these changes starting at the bottom.

      • Kodie

        I voted for Dukakis in my first time I could vote. LOL. I did not vote for Obama for completely personal reasons. I would have but I live in a blue state anyway, and it was the first time I didn’t vote in a presidential election. You could say I would have not been so lazy if it had been more crucial, but I had work issues and weighed my options in advance, so I chose not to vote instead. I don’t even remember any 3rd options, but that’s not why I didn’t vote for Obama. http://www.hulu.com/watch/4117