Sandra Bullock: No Race. No Religion.


  • Sleestak

    But shes not above exploiting that for an oscar

    • Don

      She’s an actress…You need to qualify that statement. It makes not sense.

    • Sunny Day

      How is taking a stand and saying you are for equality and everyone is deserving of love an Exploit?

      How is admitting you are a member of a minority group that gets nothing but derision and crap thrown at it an exploit?

      Are you willing to explain yourself or are you just another drive by poster?

      • Raymond

        I agree with you, and whatever her motivations, the sentiments are truly outstanding to me and shows compassion.

  • Don


  • Jesusismysavior

    Visit and you will understand this picture

    • Don

      Well, some of it I’d agree with, and some of it I’m too ignorant about to anything but agnostic about.

    • Sunny Day

      That site looks like a big bag of crazy.

      • Michael

        That’s a polite way of spelling “nonsensical conspiracy crap.”

    • Johan

      Conspiratorial thinking is closely linked to religious thinking. It is the same mental mistake.

    • Raymond

      Uh.. ‘scuse my dumbass, but I don’t see the connection of Sandra’s picture and statement, to the website. Website seems a bit…uh…I feel unqualified to even comment really, as I don’t speak paranoia.

  • elivent

    And we are all deserving of hair that lets us see out of both of our eyes.

    • Raymond

      OMG!! You’re just so goddamned fucking funny, har de har har.NOT!!

      • Sunny Day

        The 80′s called, they want their joke back.

        • UrsaMinor

          No, they don’t. He can keep it.

    • Kodie

      I think it’s her decision if she wants to, well, the stylist and photographer for whatever that pic came from, otherwise, it’s up to her if she wants to wear a baseball cap or barrettes or gel it back or let it hang. My hair hangs in my eyes if I don’t use something to hold it back, usually sunglasses. I just cut it and when it was longer, it was all out of my eyes because all of it went up in a ponytail, all the time. Not real chic. Not that I care, but one of my shitty reasons for cutting it was that I saw a young woman walking her suitcase on a hot humid day not long ago with her long hair down and with just about nobody but me looking, she appeared completely comfortable with hair all over her neck and drooping in her face. I said, what the fuck. My hair has been growing for only two weeks and I managed to get most of it up in a ponytail without also a headband today. Can’t stand this shit! But if someone wants it in their face, that’s their business.

    • ScribeJay

      And we are all deserving of hair that lets us see out of both of our eyes.

      She’s saying that this particular truth should be so blindingly obvious you can see it with one eye shut.

  • AckTivity

    I love the quote, but isn’t Sandra Bullock a Christian?

    • Rich Wilson

      She was sure proud of having her baby boy’s penis cut.

      • Raymond

        I just posted this comment at the peaceful parenting site you provided,
        “All of you commenters who are so down on Sandra leave out the fact that there are positive aspects to circumcisions and its more than cutting skin. It’s also controversial, and many religions have it done. One procedure is for the Rabbi to put his mouth on the baby’s penis and the kids have gotten bad infections from the Rabbis having done that. But still and all, let me repeat, IT IS A CONTROVERSIAL PROCEDURE AND IT HAS POSITIVES AS WELL AS NEGATIVES ASSOCIATED WITH IT. Jewish boy babies have had the ritual done for some 3000 years, but does anyone commenting even consider that in their comments? Apparently not. But, forgive me, I may have spoke too soon, as I did not read ALL of the comments, but I did read enough negatives against Sandra that I had to comment and I think they were somewhat unfair to her. Without circumcision, there is a build up of an unhygenic substance called smegma that when cutting of the foreskin occurs the build up is prevented, and therefore has a hygenic component to it. As I said there are positives and negatives. Some say the kid should have the choice after 18 as an adult. But I doubt many men who had it done even remember as it was done when they were extremely young, as you know when they were like babies, without much memory of anything around that time. How many of you remember any events that far back in your life?”

        • JohnMWhite

          You are incorrect. Smegma washes off with water. If you actually bathe, you won’t have a problem, circumcised or not. There is no justification for ritual circumcision. There is no reason for medical circumcision without trauma or some kind of defect that requires it. Kind of like there’s no good reason to remove a toenail unless it’s severely infected or damaged. Pain is pain, whether you remember it or not. Unnecessary surgery is an unnecessary risk, whether you let somebody suck on your baby’s penis or do it in a sterile environment. And finally, cutting off the foreskin makes sex less pleasurable for a man and his partner, whoever that may be. That’s what happens when you cut off body parts that actually have a purpose just because some crazy zealots decided it was a good idea a few thousand years ago.

        • Sunny Day

          Raymond why are you seeking approval?

    • Raymond

      Who gives a flying happy hokey horseshit if she is Xian or not?Can’t Xians sometimes hold correct views on everything else but their religion?Xian doesn’t automatically mean bigot, though many are. I am an atheist, but I was in 2 orphanages as a kid, the first a Pentecostal that was only interested in Xian prosyletising and Xian indoctrination(there for 2.5 years), the 2nd was a Methodist(there for 7.5 years), and no prosyletising just church on Sunday requirement. The first literally tried to beat into me god is love, the 2nd showed me if there was a god he was love and they showed us that divine love through their caring actions. The Methodist Church would ask all the churches in the state(SC), to collect donations twice each year in their collection plates, and that was what sustained 264 of us boys and girls. So lay the FUCK off Xians or at least qualify which ones you are referring to.
      During the hate over the NYC Ground Zero Muslim Center, a Xian church invited Muslims to use their church for services while their Mosque was being built next door, and the Mosque was frequently vandalized several times during construction. Was there anything wayward about those awful Xians that extended a hand to their Muslim Brothers?I’d say they did the right thing. As for Bullock allowing circumcision, still and all, barbaric to me, it was her decision, I guess, and just being Xian makes you decide those things, do they?
      Sorry, but I just get ill from the false dichotomies and divisions sometimes between some theists and some atheists, after all, we are of the same species aren’t we? I do want Xians to use the same logic they use each day to be pointed towards their Xian religion instead of their following blindly the authority and traditions of their church, which I feel is limiting their overall humanity, though some are charitable to others.

      • Kodie

        It’s so strange to me that someone would dismiss her because (maybe) she is a Christian. It seems to be regional. At least in the Northeastern US where I live, or maybe just parts where I have been lucky enough to live, there is a different take or seems to be about religious freedom. When I grew up, I perceived from school an ideal about religious freedom and religious tolerance. To me, growing up without a religion, religions seemed to be just like nationalities and everyone I knew seemed to be made up a little different and not exactly the same. One neighbor was part Scottish and another neighbor was half-Polish and another neighbor’s mom was Vietnamese, and I’m not any of those but it doesn’t mean we can’t be neighbors. No one made a deal about this where I grew up! I am just saying the idea I was raised with. Some people say they are Christians and they aren’t tolerant of people with other beliefs, and some people say they are Christians but they are neighborly about people with beliefs that aren’t Christian, or seem to be, or try to be. They seem to realize that it’s part of who they are and accept that not everyone is the same, like being Polish across the street from a Vietnamese, next door to an Italian.

        I’m not in agreement with this type of “coexistence” though. It is weird to care about someone’s nationality when you all live in the same neighborhood. But people’s religions infect more of their habits and behaviors, even when surrounded by people of different beliefs. It’s not like, these people put up flashing lights on their house at Christmas, while these people put up white stick candles in their windows at Christmas. “Spirituality” or however you put it is individual. You can be accepting of someone else’s expression of spirituality, but not in agreement with their manifestation. Moderate believers seem to think everything’s ok. Sure, there are crazies, but “we are not all like that.” They don’t really go out on a limb to confront extremists, and maybe Sandra Bullock really did say this, but how far did she go to express it? None of our beliefs, etc., make anyone better than another… counter to the idea that it does make a lot of people dumber and more difficult to deal with than other people, those moderate people who agree with atheists about important things but do little to counter the awful. Are we all deserving of love? I would say yes. I would also interpret this quote as kind of flaky. Sure is easy to dismiss the hard questions by leveling everything off and just walking away. Hey, we all deserve love, even…. who? It might seem to open up the dialogue and expose one less crazy person in the world, but then it’s not a dialogue starter, it’s an ender. We all deserve love, no matter what stupid thing, we can’t disagree or be seen as intolerant to bigoted Christians. They deserve love too, end of story!

        May not be what was intended by this quote, but it’s a moderate accommodationist kind of quote, not a helpful actually progressive sentiment.

    • http://Facebook Susan Saxon

      I’m a Christian and love the quote. I was not aware, nor do I care, that it was from an atheist point of view or organization. We are all equal. Period. Though I do agree with the comment regarding those who harm others, violent crimes criminals, deserve love but also justice, and punishment, in a court of law.

      Christian biblical scripture is clear on all of this. Christians, however, myself included, just do not always reflect that. I was atheist, then later agnostic for a long time, before reading for my self, believing scripture and becoming a Christian.

      • Sunny Day

        Glad to see it wasn’t evidence that convinced you.

  • Paul

    When my son was born my wife and I went around and around about circumcision. We were in the next room while it was done and when he screamed my wife admitted that I was right. She had argued that it wouldn’t hurt but obviously my son disagreed.

    • Kodie

      TWICE in my younger adulthood, a parent has “offered” me their child. Something I don’t understand is that a fetus is supposed to be a person but a gestated and born baby has no nerve endings or long-term memory so we can treat them however. The two different incidences were crying babies and I can I guess empathize with a parent who needs a break, but in one case, the infant was maybe more of a toddler. Maybe it was because I stared and I don’t control my staring to pretend a person isn’t screaming within two feet of my ears. For as long as I’ve lived, I have had the notion that no matter when your memories seem to begin, like 4 or 5 years old, every single day is a day you are learning something and hearing and comprehending more than adults seem to acknowledge. You do not arrive to the age of 4 or 5 with no memories or concept of pain. An adult does not remember the day they learned to roll over or learning to crawl or even how they know what numbers are, but that was days in your life. Learning language, especially does not take place in the final lap where you utter a sentence but in all the days you are listening and forming sounds with your mouth. Those are days that made you arrive at 4 or 5 knowing how much a 4 or 5-year-old knows and can do by themselves and express meaningful actions and intentions.

      Maybe I over-react at the teenaged father who made a remark on line at the dept. store. For all the parents who had a child die or be abducted, it’s not that funny to me, and maybe the kid wasn’t listening or we all pretend he wasn’t building up to an aptitude in English, but that doesn’t make it funny to me. I don’t know about circumcision since I don’t have a kid. Mostly I wouldn’t joke to a stranger that they could have my kid, and most of the adult males I know seem to not remember the pain, that doesn’t mean they didn’t experience pain, and never met one who didn’t want their foreskin back.

      I may also have a complex from an avoidable familial incident in which nobody died when I was just short of 2 years old. I have read that a lot of development happens prior to 2, not necessarily that everything that happens before the age of 2 can turn you into a futzy nutcase, but perhaps how I feel that I fit into my family or even my skepticism despite my parents’ simplicity may have developed due to an incident that I don’t consciously remember. It made me who I was at 2 and a couple months, and that made me who I was at 2.5 and so on, so basically the “advice” that got followed was that I couldn’t comprehend and wouldn’t remember so none of it mattered. Maybe none of it did matter and I would always turn out the way I am, but if I came back bitter and angry, and I wouldn’t let my mother hug me so she didn’t, I think it might have mattered. Who knows how many psychological complexes might be avoided later in life if baby boys weren’t circumcised? But what if your baby is born and needs surgery right away? They are not going to remember but they are new here, how does this inform them about their new world and their hosts? I think parents put circumcision on that sort of scale. Newborns don’t know how this stuff works yet and everything’s unpleasant to them so far.

  • JK

    Strange that ANY religion is fond of circumcision. Because it means their respective god made a MISTAKE that has to be taken care of after birth.
    I know one can’t compare it to the mutilation happening to girls in some countries (cutting off the clitoris) but it goes in the same direction.
    The only valid reasons as far as I am concerned for cutting anything off anybody are medical ones. Or if someone decides on their own if they are old enough (and not under the peer pressure of their family or community).
    I remember one episode of “Sex in the City” where one of the “girls” was disgusted by her current partner because he was not circumcised. Way to go girls – NOT.