Science vs. History

This is a particularly long one, so go to the SMBC site to read the rest.

While I like this, I think that for balance Zach should show the science professor getting a lecture on how mitosis is a Freemason plot, or maybe getting cornered by a pair of students who have just read Zinn’s People’s History … and want to tell him how evolution REALLY works.

  • MountainTiger

    A certain cartoonist needs to sit in on some history of Christianity lectures.

    • Antinomian

      Did it muss your big hair when it went over your head Tiger?

      It was a analogy using history as evolutionary biology…. Get it?

      • MountainTiger

        I got it the first time. The idea that biologists face students making foolish challenges for religious reasons and historians do not, however, is ridiculous. You just have to find topics religious nuts care about enough to make these challenges, as opposed to 18th century France.

        • Elemenope

          Quite so. I was in a Bible as Literature class, and people’s heads regularly came close to bursting as literary tropes were applied to their favorite psalms, or when the professor pointed out the relative trend of God disappearing as a character as one moved from the earlier stories to the later ones in the OT.