Scumbag God: Makes The Rule That “Thou Shalt Not Kill”…


  • Sue Blue

    “Thou shalt not kill…but thou shalt commit genocide on my command.”
    “Thou shalt not kill…subject to the following exceptions, limitations, provisos…”
    “Thou shalt not kill…anyone who is just like you.”

  • vasaroti

    Actually, I believe the Hebrew version of this commandment can be translated as “thou shall not murder (people of our religious/ethnic group.

    I’m by no means a Hebrew scholar, but I thought that commandment could be translated as “Thou shalt not murder (people of our religious/ethnic group.)”

  • trj

    Ironically, the commandment “thou shalt not kill” was given during the exodus, on the route to Canaan. Whereupon the first thing God does when his people enters Canaan is to command them to commit all-out genocide.

  • pagansister

    Sounds like God couldn’t/can’t make up his mind! Talk about confusing!

  • Bob Seidensticker

    And yet “Thou shalt not kill” isn’t even in the Ten Commandments!

    The first set (Exodus 20) were smashed. The second set (Exodus 34) is almost completely different … and no “Thou shalt not kill.”

    • vorjack

      Welcome to Patheos, Bob. It’s good to see you on the Atheist channel.