Stephen Fry: This Is a Book…


Purity in Mississippi
You Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down
All Cycles Come to an End
So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
  • George

    Did this really need to be an animated GIF? I’m kind of tired of this trend of making everything animated GIFs lately. I thought the 90s ended some time ago.

    • Len

      Especially when the text is wrong as well.

  • Pam

    Yeah – where’s the actual video?

  • RGS

    “… is no made relevant or important…”
    “… is no MORE relevant or important…” ?

  • FO

    Is it effective criticism?
    I have heard more than once that “this thing was only for group X and does not apply to us”.

    • vasaroti

      What do Jewish scholars say? Is there evidence that the non-Levites adhered to a different set of rules? Besides the objectionable parts of Leviticus, there are misogynistic and pro-slavery verses sprinkled throughout the Bible, with no suggestion that these are rules for any particular tribe.
      What I’ve read makes me think that up until about 50-60 years after the alleged death of the alleged Jesus, the books of the Bible were not intended for anyone outside the Jewish tribes. An Old Testament author reanimated in the midst of a 2nd or 3rd century Christian community would have been shocked and disgusted with what durn furriners had made of his Judaism, which brings me back to Mr. Fry’s point: The whole damn thing is irrelevant.

      If Evangelicals continue to insist that the entire Bible is dictated by God, then we’re going to continue to point out what a load of codswallop they’re subscribing to. Their hypocrisy is even more apparent when you note how they regard people who actually do live by rules and ethics resembling those of the Bible: Orthodox Jews and strict Muslims.

      • Yoav

        I heard this claim before and it has no hold on reality, other then the rules dealing specifically with the running of the temple which only applied to those running the temple, i.e levites, all other rules were clearly meant to apply to all jews.

    • The Other Weirdo

      I was told a while back that Jesus fulfilled all of the Old Testament obligations(meaning they don’t have to be followed anymore) with the sole exception of all the sexual morality laws. Those will be on the books forever. This is why we can eat shellfish and not stone our daughters for getting raped. But homosexuals are proscribed forever, I guess.

      • Len

        Was any justification given for keeping some laws but not others?

        • vasaroti

          I suspect the justification was that gentiles wouldn’t join the cult if they had to abide by those laws.

  • The Other Weirdo

    The ones not to be kept anymore were just cultural or behavioural, while the ones to be kept forever were all sexual morality-related. In other words, we’re allowed to progress in all areas except for sex, where we must maintain the sexual ethos of Bronze Age nomads.

    I think the person telling me all this was trying to make it sound deep, but all I heard was “sex is just awful and dirty and disgusting and I want it but I must not ever and we must never ever enjoy it or allow anyone else especially women to enjoy it.”