The Only Logical Course of Action


  • The Other Weirdo

    Remove a babe that hot-looking from a friend list? NEVER!

    • Danielcb

      I’d rather stick my penis in a bucket of squid

      • JohnMWhite

        I don’t think this individual woman’s desirability for penis insertion is nearly as relevant as the gross display of willful, proud ignorance, or the fact that she’s apparently connected to the Internet but still doesn’t see anything wrong with supporting the world’s largest paedophile ring.

        • Elemenope

          Not to mention that I’m sure men drooling over a picture of a woman is not exactly pleasant or inviting to many folk who peruse the site.

          • JohnMWhite

            Are you being intolerant of their sexism?! Typical bigot.

            • Elemenope

              I’m a regular martinet!

          • The Other Weirdo

            Drooling? I think you oversimplify my degree of involvement with her picture.

            • Elemenope

              To be honest I missed the sarcasm in yours, and for that I apologize, but what pushed me over into actually commenting on it was Danielcb’s comment.

      • Nox

        The Other Weirdo & Danielcb,

        You’re not helping.

        The larger internet already has the problem that every time a woman expresses any opinion on anything, one of the first responses will be about whether the responders want to f*ck them. Who you want to f*ck does not affect the validity or importance of what someone is saying (which in this case stands on its own as ridiculous), and is a stupid shallow thing to focus on. We don’t need that here.

        • The Other Weirdo

          I wasn’t trying to be helpful. I was merely pointing out, in my own roundabout way, the ridiculousness of dropping people merely for their religious views. It’s as ridiculous as having only beautiful women in one’s list, or only atheist women, or only religious women, or only ugly women. I’ve got women in my list who are just acquaintances who are not pretty and post loads of religious crap to the feed. Most of it is the reposting of religion-themed(Christian) jpegs, but I keep them around for various reasons. I’ve got pretty women, not so pretty women, women I’d like to f*ck, women I wouldn’t, and also a woman who wouldn’t marry me 15 years ago and has been Married, With Children, for 14 of those years(which causes me no small of grief).

          The point is that people drop people for the most ridiculous reasons, and keep people in their list for likewise ridiculous reasons. The claim that dropping a woman for her religion vs science view is ridiculous is actually no less ridiculous than claiming to keep her around because she too hot to drop.

          • Nox

            Fair enough.

            If your point was that “people drop people for the most ridiculous reasons, and keep people in their list for likewise ridiculous reasons”, I’m sorry for jumping on you like that.

            That is not what I originally got out of your comment. I still don’t think that is what one would naturally get from your earlier statement without the explanation, but in retrospect I would have to say I was reading it uncharitably.

            Regarding what I thought you were saying: Men jumping right to commenting on women’s appearance in response to anything a woman says is kind of a widespread problem. I don’t think it is generally intended to be sexist on any conscious level, but that sort of thing does contribute to an environment which devalues a woman’s ability to have ideas.

            Regarding what you were saying: I wouldn’t defriend someone because of they identify as catholic. That would be silly. But the type of person who would prefer latin chanting and jesus cookies to space exploration is probably not someone who’d be on my list in the first place.

            • The Other Weirdo

              Like I said, my own roundabout way. :) The sarcasm is best when it’s least understood. Atheists are as prone to jumping to conclusions on their red-hot topics as Christians.

          • Kodie

            Still can’t tell if you really sort women friends in your mind by attraction or do-ableness or not.

  • Elemenope

    Meh. There are lots of reasons to not be a person’s friend, but being silly about religion isn’t normally one of them.

    • Sunny Day

      It’s not just being silly about religion.
      I read it as, if it was Elsa’s choice she would like us to stop advancing our knowledge and instead stagnate with whatever brand of mythology she practices.

      It’s profoundly disappointing to see someone dismiss one of the high marks of human technological achievement and exploration in favor of practicing ritualistic faerie tales.

      Its a fine example of the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    • Kodie

      I don’t have a lot of friends on fb, but one of them I connected to from another forum on an unrelated topic to atheism. So anyway, she is still on my list but I no longer post there and I don’t know her personally. One of the things I know about her was that she loves to pray. She doesn’t post a lot about what her beliefs are, but praying is just something she loves to do. Weird. I don’t know from that how her beliefs manifest, but she seems pretty liberal. One of her posts was asking about a hexagonal water filter. That’s some new age crap. Strangely, I got a friend request from someone who was a mutual friend of hers and LRA. Two people from two different forums. I don’t know who he is, but he’s my friend too. Another person who is my friend is my sister, who posts occasionally some Deepak-Chopra-derived crap graphic. I keep my mouth shut because that’s how it is. I used to have her on ignore but I took her off, she really doesn’t post that shit too much anyway. I’m not that selective or private because most of the stuff I post is personal-but-impersonal. I don’t care for facebook or having debates there about stuff that’s serious to me. I think it would be different if I was a prominent atheist and people tried to witness me. (I almost typed ‘witless’ so there you go).

  • Ken

    Looks like Gemma isn’t too bright, either. The future of America in the hands of the willfully stupid.

  • Dutchhobbit

    Rather loose mass then loose Mars?

  • Agnikan

    I think she was saying that she’d rather search for the Higgs boson than go to Mars.

    • Elemenope

      You and Duke tie for the win for most stupendously charitable reading of something ever. :)

  • Duke

    Maybe she meant Massachusetts …

    • machintelligence

      All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia
      W.C. Fields

  • JK

    I think it is a little childish to drop a friend (even if it’s just a facebook friend you might not even know personally) of your friends list for airing their opinion.
    Of course the money for those Mars missions could be spent for other things but the technical advances that are achieved might help to improve life for lots of ppl too.

    • Ken

      For someone using the internet on a computer, in color, nearly for free, posting her own content and photo in real time, such Luddite statements are beyond hypocritical. Stupidity apparently has no bottom. But she knows God loves her…or else.

    • Kodie

      I just drop people’s posts from my feed. They’re still my friends but I don’t read their posts. The worst one was a friend of a friend I don’t even know personally who refriends me every time I friend my friend which is, I defriend him a lot, and he’s actually my friend! He’s a terrible friend. Anyway, his friend likes to be my friend because I amuse him slightly, but I don’t have to see his stupid posts about why Joe Paterno shouldn’t have been fired (before he died), that’s really the last post I read before ignoring him because I wanted to say something – what if his daughter, whom he loves so much, was molested at school by a teacher and the principal left things as they were instead of firing the teacher. As a father, I think he would want to take it all the way to the top and hold responsible a whole hierarchy of people above the teacher. But as a JoPa fan, he couldn’t see it. And as someone who is not really his friend, I said, JoePa’s going to die any second, and I don’t even know this guy, so just ignore. Last thing I heard, from my actual friend (the terrible one) is that this other guy and him had a disagreement about something involving his friend’s extreme reliance on confirmation bias or cognitive dissonance or such. I don’t have to be his friend on fb, but I am and just ignore.