To the Bible!


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  • Bodhisvaha

    So the book I just read said we’re made from the dust of the earth in Genesis 2:7…hmmm weired…i have to say people are dumb haha

  • Nathan

    But the Bible says people are made of dirt, and doesn’t THAT come from stardust? I guess not if you really think the Earth came before the stars.

  • Custador

    Cute. Even without the reference to chemistry class, that attitude of knowing everything, being perpetually correct, not being willing to learn, assuming that anybody who knows more than you and anybody who corrects you is wrong… It’s just such a teen thing.

    (Nb – I know it’s not all teens, but it’s a cliche for a reason!)

  • amazondrea

    There is more intelligence out there than that. I shall volunteer to be among the first to colonize Mars, should that happen in my lifetime.

  • Brian K

    Custador: I think part of it also is that Evangelical teens are taught to think like this…”Satan will try and tell you we are wrong! You must RESIST SATAN” So…the natural teen smugness is exacerbated by Evangelical certainty.