Well this is scary…

…Really, really scary.

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Being Agent Scully
Historical vs. Observational Science
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  • Dutchhobbit

    ow, dutch google isn’t much better.

  • JamesB

    Google search on my Android gives choices of:

    …keeping the faith

    Not much better.

  • Kodie

    …still keeping the faith
    on a dna hunt for bigfoot

    • Elemenope

      That’s what mine says! Must be a New England thing.

      • Kodie

        “I’m feeling lucky” –>FoxNews


    • Patrick D

      …on a dna hunt for bigfoot
      must be a Northwest thing, because I got the same results.

      • Paul

        My family are Floridians but we have one of my dad’s cousins who always showed up in any bigfoot “documentary” during the late 60′s through the 80′s. It always made us all so proud. He spent a whole lot of time chasing bigfoot and he was a Southern Baptist or Assembly of God (the family has lots of both who will sometimes snipe at each other at family reunions)

  • skirt6

    My results are like yours Kodie- but I like the one’s beyond the first four…
    … wrong
    …experimenting with a kind of gun
    …trying to recreate dinosaurs

    Although I think the bigfoot one still takes the cake.

  • http://www.seditiosus.blogspot.com Schaden Freud

    Google NZ gives me:
    …experimenting with a kind of gun
    …still keeping the faith


    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      The top one gives me hope. Especially if they are Aperture Scientists experimenting with a Portal Gun.

  • Stephen

    Also known as “shorthand for seeing if your PR problem lies in your profession or the practitioners of your profession”.

    Compare …
    … “science is” to “scientists are”
    … “journalism is” to “journalists are”
    … “politics is” to “politicians are”

    • bob

      I typed “science is” and got “best kept from the masses”

      • Mogg

        I got “fun” and “golden”. Maybe we like science better down here, even if we think scientists are evil and wrong.

      • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

        I guess the masses would be against the classes then.

    • http://intentionallyhomeless.org Gold (@Unifex)

      Heh. Tried “science is” on the NZ servers. “science is interesting” was the third suggestion. Click Feeling lucky on that one. :)

  • Noelle

    Just Googled “Noelle is” and got “a beautiful name”

    Works ok for me

  • Sandra Parsons

    Ha, the google.de gives as the first two options the equivalent of
    scientists are so cool and
    scientists are cool
    Either some computer geek was busy or we German scientists have such a bad image among the general population…

  • Keith

    Engineers are…


    I think this is another hint that the bulk of humans are still in the neolithic age.

  • TrickQuestion

    googled “trick question is”
    first result

  • Paul D.

    I tried this in Japanese at Google.co.jp … the results are quite different. Since the language works differently, you can’t word the search query the same way, but the closest equivalent produces these suggestions, which I have translated back to English:

    科学者は罪を知った ”Scientists have known sin” — an excerpt from a quote by J. Robert Oppenheimer on the guilt of scientists for inventing the atom bomb
    科学者ははぜUFOを信じない “Why don’t scientists believe in UFOs?” (I think there was a TV special on the topic.)
    科学者は神を信じられないか ”Don’t scientists believe in God?” — which, it turns out, is the title of the Japanese edition of “Quarks, Chaos & Christianity” by John Polkinghorne
    科学者発見プロジェクト “Scientist Discovery Project” an initiative at Hirosaki University

  • mockingidiots

    5000 whining atheists vs the Great Prophet


    • Nox

      @Dennis Markuze (mockingidiots),

      I was under the impression that the terms of your suspended sentence involve not posting things online for 18 months.

    • Sunny Day

      You spelled winning wrong.

      Have fun while incarcerated!

  • Len

    Christians are
    … crazy
    …not perfect
    …so annoying

  • Paul

    Got exactly the same as Cody and Skirt above. Also:
    Physicists are…
    … arrogant
    … born not made
    … crazy
    … atheists
    … hot
    While I’m not going to argue with the last one, I am a bit confused by it. Arrogant seems about spot on though.

  • Bob Jase

    Yet somehow every week or two we get another mass murder committed by a Christian.

  • Noelle

    “doctors are”: stupid. arrogant. evil. dangerous. ignorant

    “physicians are”: the natural attorneys of the poor. overpaid. not invincible. Then: “which physicians are the happiest”. Aw, someone’s searching happiness for physicians, but doctors are stupid and evil.

    If I type on my specialty, it wants to know where to find the closest one. So I guess we’re still wanted.

  • Chris

    Scientists are (from Switzerland, searched in english though):
    …. wrong
    …. evil
    …. playing god
    …. able to determine the exact amino acid sequence of a /(cuts off here)
    …. objective
    …. smart
    …. uncertain about the electric structures of the actinides because /(cuts off here)
    …. smarter than politicians

    I must say, the last one is my favorite :)

  • vasaroti

    East coast Google – Religious people are:
    stupid, nerds, crazy, brainwashed, mentally ill, less intelligent, scary

    • Custador

      English Google: Religious people are…
      …Mentally ill;

  • Nikos

    Greek google:

    scientists are evil
    scientists are trying to understand why the universe is running away from them
    scientists are uncertain about the electronic structures of the actinides
    scientists are calling pretty gay

    A totally different set of suggestions…

  • http://lonewolfsden.net/ Lone Wolf

    Google’ is just bigoted.

    Christians are:
    … crazy
    … ignorant
    … hypocrites
    … delusional
    … judgmental
    … not perfect
    … weird
    … so annoying
    … fake

    Muslims are:
    … exempt from obamacare
    … animals
    … coming
    … crazy
    … bad
    … taking over Europe
    … net terrorists
    … clustered in
    … from what country
    … allowed to lie

    Jews are:
    … not white
    … a race
    … not a race
    … white
    … not Israelites
    … gods chosen people
    … arrogant
    … bad people
    … black
    … aliens

    White people are:
    … annoying
    … aliens
    … crazy
    … the minority
    … boring
    … now the minority
    … weird
    … albinos
    … rude
    … Neanderthals

    Black people are:
    … rude
    … loud
    … annoying
    … funny
    … gods.
    … cool
    … destroying America
    … aliens
    … gross

  • DMG

    It might be a singular/plural thing.

    “a scientist is…
    …trying to discover”

    As Men in Black’s Kay puts it, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

    Or, it’s much easier to badmouth a class of people than to articulate a fault with a particular person.

  • Sophie

    mine said:
    scientists are able to create specially designed bacteria that decompose toxic waste
    scientists are investigating the possibility of containing fusion reactions within
    scientists are able to deduce the earth’s shape based upon its rotation properties

    google customizes the search options to better suit your interests :D