Your Acid Flashback Starts Now…

… brought to you by Ernest Angley and Matthew Paul Turner.

So Long, And Thanks For All The Memories (From Dan)
Where the Fire Comes From
You Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down
Romance at Mars Hill
  • Gordon

    At first glance my thought was “Why is he wearing a Lord of the Rings” t-shirt?

  • funandprophet

    Someone really needs to swap their faces with Photoshop.

  • Kodie

    Looks like vomit.

  • Nox

    Did they forget to draw reigns or is Jesus punching that horse?

    My acid flashbacks make way more sense than this.

    • vasaroti


  • UrsaMinor

    Wait, isn’t that one of the Nazgul?

  • Stony

    Confirms my view that the book of Revelations was just a long serious drug trip. Btw, is this the old radio/tv preacher Ernest Angley? That in itself is a flashback.

  • harry

    is he wearing bell bottoms?

  • trj

    Aww, just look how happy the horse is.

    • JK

      At first glance I thought this was a Barbie ad, no kidding ^^.

      • Yoav

        It’s part of Mattel’s new product line, genocide barbie.

  • The Other Weirdo

    Add a ‘C’ to the front of that and you’re golden.

    • UrsaMinor