A Chilling Prediction …

Strangely, a number of Old Testament prophets and a whole bunch of Mayans said the same thing …

Via Mock Ramblings

  • mikespeir

    And still you doubt.

  • busterggi

    Not nearly as chilling as Christopher Walkens’s Prophesy.

  • rayceeya


    Ditto on the Mayan Calendar and, ditto on bible prophesies, and ditto on most of what the “History” Channel is showing these days.

    • UrsaMinor

      Yeah. They really need to change their name to The Controversy Manufacturing Channel.

    • vasaroti

      Hey, now, how else would we learn about forgotten frescoes and romanticized Victorian historical paintings? Plus, think of all the un-gorgeous actors who get work in those recreation scenes.

    • trj

      I resolved to sit through an episode of “Ancient Aliens” on History Channel the other day. But I had to give up after about ten minutes when they began to speculate if aliens were behind Noah’s flood…