Adam and Steve, Not Adam and Stan

These Facebook images are pretty bad, but they become a whole lot better if you forget to proofread …

Swiped from Scotteriology

Once you run out of ice giants …
For Sale: Purity Ring, Slightly Used
Romance at Mars Hill
Evidence Against Evolution
  • zendruid1

    Dang it, I thought his name is Satin.

  • trj

    Stan’s the man.

  • Tessasaurus Regina, Queen of the Cretaceous

    *Ben Folds intro plays* The ascent of Stan….

  • lawn

    I had a regular barber named Stan. I didn’t love him, but I liked him, and he did a good job though his jokes were lousy. This pic is of a different Stan.

    • Mogg

      I have an uncle Stan, but I can’t say I love him really. He must only wear the hornns on special occasions, I’ve never seen him with them on.

  • Brian K

    damn…Stan is pretty buff. I wonder how much he benches?

  • Mark Temporis

    If the Jews can refer to the divine as “G~d”, “S~tan” makes complete sense for the same reason.

  • Sereg

    With great power comes great responsibility…