Dr. House on Faith

  • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

    Even people of Deeply Held Belief (TM) look both ways before they cross the road, but they tend not to look at climate science at all, figuring that god will fix it.

  • Francesco

    That is actually the saddest thing I can think of, making witty remarks just to state your superiority.

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      That’s kind of the point of the Dr. House character, but I completely disagree that this is merely a witty remark or is sad. It’s a warning to actually bother to have some self-reflection and realise that one might talk the talk but in regards to faith they do not walk the walk, and they don’t because deep down they know it would be really stupid to do so. If you can’t trust god to get you across the road, why should you be citing that same useless being as the reason for interfering in other people’s attempts to form families?

      • L. Roberts

        Exactly. Loved that show and miss it already.
        Anyone know if Hugh Laurie is also a atheist, or just the character?

        • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

          I believe Hugh Laurie has said that he is, though not quite as stridenly as House.

        • Francesco

          I hate it from every fiber of my heart.

          • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

            That’s not exactly constructive. And I hope those fibres aren’t from two different types of cloth…

  • L. Roberts


    Should be “an atheist”.

  • Norm

    Lighten up Fran,House is an actor,actors are used to being admired and even worshiped for being who they arn’t.Someone else develops their character,writes their lines and if they fail in some way they cut and re shoot,have personal assistants and advisors,so its easy to have it all in control.Real life isnt like that,faith isn’t like that either.Whether its crossing the road,jumping of a cliff,having an affair,gambling,doing drugs,whatever the careless behavior ,having a faith in God is irrelevant to the consequents of your actions. Having said that,when i visited a friend in hospital a lady in another bed tried to commit suicide by jumping off an office roof.She said she knew she had made a mistake as soon as she jumped and called out to God.She landed on the shop awning which broke her fall [and both legs]rather than the street,and survived. I would call that Gods intervention,as she did,others here maybe not.

    • Kodie

      God didn’t just put the awning out when she was mid-air, you freak. Account for the successful suicides. I find it difficult to believe someone who was going to jump didn’t look down and see there was an awning below and plan on aiming for it.

      Your anecdote is ridiculous. Attributing chance to god directly intervening a small percentage of the time… or you know, a lot of people who try to commit suicide don’t try very hard because they don’t want to really be dead. I’m not trying to make light of depression, but a lot of people survive suicide attempts, a lot with bigger problems than 2 broken legs, and a lot may have a change of heart but there’s nothing they can do and there’s no awning. Realizing you’ve made an error and calling out to god and landing on an awning is nothing like proof that god exists or god intervened in this woman’s life. She went to the roof in the front of the building so people could see her. On the side where there are shops below and awnings at their front door. She could have gone to the back of the building and landed in a dumpster of sofa cushions and old food, but nobody would have run over to see if she’s ok. Either way, she was not caught mid-air and safely brought to land in a magically-appearing vat of cotton balls.

    • http://themikewrites.blogspot.com JohnMWhite

      I really would like you to answer a question for a change and explain, as Kodie asked, why some people actually manage to commit suicide. And why so many people feel the need to end their life after reaching out to god for so long for help and getting nothing.

    • Sunny Day

      Funny how god’s intervention is indistinguishable from coincidence and medical care. Too bad he didn’t intervene by locking the door to the roof, having a concerned nurse or orderly notice her heading to the roof, or you know just popped into her hospital room and cured her.

    • n00blet

      Sounds to me like physics saved her.

    • http://theotherweirdo.wordpress.com The Other Weirdo

      Technically speaking, House is a character played by the actor Hugh Laurie.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Not everyone looks both ways before crossing the road. Some put on Gilley suits and jump in front of traffic.

    • Kodie

      Some don’t look up from their phone and depend on drivers to be alert enough not to hit them, drivers who are themselves looking at their phones or talking on them. Lots of people look out for cars and still run out in traffic because there’s a train or a bus they have to get on, or because they gauge that there is just enough time for the driver to brake and they don’t want to have to wait. I’ve seen way too many people walk right in front of me while I’m driving because they know I have to stop for pedestrians. They don’t know that I will, they just know that I’m supposed to.